The Top 100 Comics Issues


Please note that the deadline for submissions is the 1st November 2018!

Hello comic book critics, journalists, podcasts, comics-writers-abouters – whatever you might describe yourself as! I’m putting out an open call for anybody who might like to be involved in helping to create the first-ever voted-for list of the Top 100 Comic Book Issues.

I’m taking in submissions from critics of their top ten single comic book issues, and from those top ten choices I’m allocating each one points on a system where first place = 10 points and tenth place = 1 point. Once I have responses from everyone who wants to take part, I’ll start posting the master list right here! I hope it might generate a bit of discussion, and get people talking about comics from the Golden Age right through to today!

If you’d like to take part, please get in touch by emailing me via Let me know your name, pronoun and the outlet you write for, along with your top ten list, ranked from 10-1. You don’t need to be writing for CBR or IGN to take part – if you write about comics or talk about comics in any way, I’d love for you to take part!

The list can be objective (“this is Batman’s first appearance, it is objectively important”), subjective (“this Batman issue was the first comic I ever read, therefore it’s my favourite”) or just quirky (“this issue marked the first time Batman and Catwoman made out, I love them, this is the best comic”). I welcome the idea of the list being generally a little strange, which seems only appropriate. You can choose any ‘single’ comics issue, or any Manga chapter you might want as part of your list – they’re all worthy choices here.

If you’d then like to post your own selections on your own site or blog or twitter, please do – your choices are your own to share as you see fit. If you want to turn it into a piece for yourself on your site, that’s brilliant, and I’m excited to read anything you might want to say. If you have any questions, please get in touch!


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