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Land’s End
The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer by El Sandifer

Keep On Keaton On by Masha Zhdanova
Master Keaton Vol 1
Master Keaton Vol 2
Master Keaton Vol 3

The Unwritten by Steve Morris
The Unwritten #1 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity”
The Unwritten #2 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity Part Two”
The Unwritten #3 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity Part Three”
The Unwritten #4 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity: Conclusion”
The Unwritten #5: “How The Whale Became”
The Unwritten #6: “Inside Man”
The Unwritten #7: “Inside Man Part Two”
The Unwritten #8: “Inside Man: Interlude”
The Unwritten #9: “Inside Man: Conclusion”


Recent Pieces:

Avengers #197 “Prelude of the War-Devil!”
The Best and Worst of The Avengers, by Austin Gorton

Hawkeye #19 “The Things What Don’t Get Spoke”
Visualizing Silence, by Lillian Hochwender

Werewolf By Night #29 “A Sister Of Hell”
Half-Way Human, by T Trewhella

X-O Manowar #1
Being Hard is Hard Work, by Anna Peppard

Doom 2099 #1 “Muses of Fire”
The World Burns, Doom Endures, by Dave Buesing

Lost in Away, by Charlotte Finn


The Shelf:

2000AD Prog 20 “Shako”
Shako in America, by Tegan O’Neill
2000AD Prog #444 “Love Story”
Unhorny On Main: Asexuality in Judge Dredd, by Tom Shapira
2000AD Prog 460 “Letter From A Democrat”
Democracy Is Not For The People, by Tom Shapira
2000AD Prog 2023 “Get Jerry Sing”
Wagner and Ezquerra’s Last Dredd Story, by Leo Healy
2000AD Prog 2261 “The Out”
Wish You Were Here, by Leo Healy

A Sharper Image:
Wetworks #1
by Sara Century
ShadowHawk #1
by Claire Napier
Cyber Force #1
by Wendy Browne
Youngblood #1
by Kelly Kanayama
Savage Dragon #1
by Nola Pfau
Spawn #1
by Kim O’Connor
WildC.A.T.S. #1
by august (in the wake of) dawn

Action Comics #15 “Evil’s Earliest Days”
Looking Back at The “Angry” Superman, by august (in the wake of) dawn

Amazing Spider-Man #4
Spider-Man Hates Education by J. Jonah Jameson

Amazing Spider-Man Roulette by Steve Morris
Find every issue of Amazing Spider-Man covered by Shelfdust here!

Animal Man #5 “The Coyote Gospel”
A Gospel According to Grant Morrison, by Gregory Silber

Aquaman Andromeda #1
Diving into the Depths, by Ritesh Babu

Assassin Nation #1
The Power of Listicles, by Steve Morris

Astro City: A Year in the Big City by Charlotte Finn
Charlotte Finn wrote about every issue of Astro City’s run at Vertigo Comics! Click here to find all her essays!

Avengers 34.1 “The World In His Hands”
Redefining Hyperion, by Chad Nevett

Avengers Assemble #15.AU “Submit, Britannia!”
Complex Feelings About National Identity, by Kieran Shiach

Batman Vol. 1 #35 “Dinosaur Island!”
How Batman Got His Dinosaur, by Steve Morris

Batman #542: “Faceless Part One: Murdicide”
Bruce Wayne Shouldn’t Give To Charity, by Steve Morris

Batman Vol 2 #1 “Knife Trick”
Out With The Old, by Steve Morris

Batman Vol 3 #12 “I Am Suicide”
Batman’s Weird Power Fantasy, by Steve Morris
Batman Vol 3 #24 “Every Epilogue is a Prelude”
The Man Behind The Bat, by Terrence Sage

Batman’s Greatest Enemy
Detective Comics #571 “Fear For Sale”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… The Scarecrow, by Tom Shapira
Detective Comics #475 “The Laughing Fish”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Romance, by Priya Sridhar
Batman #339 “A Sweet Kiss of Poison”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Poison Ivy, by Philippe Leblanc
Detective Comics #404 “Who I Am, How I Came To Be”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Joe Chill, by Gregory Paul Silber
Batman: White Knight #8
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… The Joker, by Caitlin Rosberg
Batman #405 “Who I Am, How I Came To Be”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Gotham City, by Mo Ali
Batman #454 “Dark Knight, Dark City”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Barbathos, by Lachan R.
Batman & Robin #13: The Garden of Death
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Dr Hurt, by Ritesh Babu
Batman #656: “Man-Bats of London”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… His Junk, by Kelly Kanayama
Batman: Harley Quinn #1
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Harley Quinn, by S.E. Fleenor
Batman #428
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… His Mind, by Justin Partridge
Detective Comics #140 “The Riddler”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… The Riddler, by Steve Morris

Batman Eternal (Recaps)
You can find the entire 52-issue run of Batman Eternal as recapped on Shelfdust by Steve Morris right here!

Batman: The Long Halloween by Steve Morris
The Long Halloween #1 “Halloween”
The Long Halloween #2 “Thanksgiving”
The Long Halloween #3 “Christmas”
The Long Halloween #4 “New Year’s Eve”
The Long Halloween #5 “Valentine’s Day”
The Long Halloween #6 “St. Patrick’s Day”
The Long Halloween #7 “April Fool’s Day”
The Long Halloween #8 “Mothers Day”
The Long Halloween #9 “Father’s Day”
The Long Halloween #10 “Independence Day”
The Long Halloween #11 “Roman Holiday”
The Long Halloween #12 “Labor Day”
The Long Halloween #13 “Halloween (Again)”

The Beano #4139 “Minnie’s New Pet”
Anarchy in the UK, by Steve Morris

The Best Mutant
Who is the best mutant? Click here to read our series all about the best of X!

Bitch Planet #3 “Too Big To Fail”
The Radical Fatness of Penny Rolle, by Samantha Puc

Black Comic Book History
1970: Ebon #1 with Larry Fuller
by Wendy Browne
1971: Creepy #43 with Billy Graham
by Wendy Browne
1972: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 with Billy Graham
by Matthew Cowans
1972: Super Soul Comix #1 with Richard “Grass” Green
by Touissaint Egan
1974: Jungle Action #10 with Billy Graham
by Jay Rincher
1975: White Whore Funnies #1 with Larry Fuller and Raye Horne
by Wendy Browne
1976: Fast Willie Jackson and Golden Legacy with Bertram A. Fitzgerald
by Wendy Browne
1977: The Love Rangers #1 with Vernon Grant
by Wendy Browne
1979: Amazing Spider-Man #194 with Keith Pollard
by Kenneth Laster
1980: Weird War Tales #94 with Denys Cowan
by Matthew Cowans
– 1982: Hugo #1 and Milton Knight
by Wendy Browne (with Milton Knight)
– 1983: The Falcon #1 and Jim Owsley
by Kenneth Laster
– 1984: Blue Devil #1 and Paris Cullins
by Kenneth Laster
1987: Daredevil #246 and Priest
by Adam Karenina Sherif
1988: Black Panther: Hero No More #1 and Denys Cowan
by Matthew Cowans
1988: Wolfpack #1 and Ron Wilson & Kyle Baker
by Matthew Cowans
1989: Damage Control #1 and Dwayne McDuffie
by Latonya Pennington
1990: Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline #1 and the Sims Brothers
by Matthew Cowans
1993: Static #1 and Robert L. Washington & Dwayne McDuffie
by Kenneth Laster
1993: Hardware #1 and Dwayne McDuffie & Denys Cowan
by David Brothers
1993: Icon #1 and Dwayne McDuffie & M.D. Bright
by Lucius Illuminux
1993: Blood Syndicate #1 and Dwayne McDuffie & Trevor von Eeden
by Jordan Clark
1993: Kobalt #1 and Arvell Jones
by Kenneth Laster
1998: Black Panther #1 and Priest
by Brandon Davis
1998: The Legion of Superheroes #122 and Olivier Coipel
by Matthew Cowans

Black Panther #13 “Avengers of The New World”
The Power of Belief, by Jude Jones

Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda
The OG Mandalorian, or, How I Almost Learned To Love Boba Fett, by Dylan Todd

Bone #10 “The Great Cow Race”
The Finest Cow-Centric Chase in Comics, by Al Kennedy

The Brave and the Bold #200 “Smell of Brimstone, Stench of Death!”
Parallel Universes and Feuds, by Tiffany Babb

Bucky O’Hare #1
Run Rabbit Run, by Tom Shapira

Casanova: Avaritia #2 “What If It’s Never Enough?”
Casanova Is A F***ity Comic, by Daniel Elkin

The Champions by Steve Morris (Recaps)
The Champions #1 “The World Still Needs… The Champions!”
The Champions #2 “Whom The Gods Would Join…”
The Champions #3 “Assault on Olympus!”
The Champions #4 “Murder At Malibu!”
The Champions #5 “Murder Is A Man Called… RAMPAGE!”
The Champions #6 “Mad Dogs and Businessmen”
The Champions #7 “The Man Who Created the Black Widow!”

Christmas With The Super Heroes #2
Heroes for the Holidays, by Seb Patrick

Civil War: The Confession
Was It Worth It? by Matt O’Keefe

Criminal: Last of the Innocent #3
Notes on a Hollow Man, by Justin Harrison

Cyclops: Snapshots by Holly Raymond
New X-Men #142 “Brimstone & Whiskey”
Marvel’s Snapshots: Cyclops “And The Rest Will Follow”
New X-Men #154 “Rescue and Emergency”

Daredevil #191 “Roulette”
This Is Not What Heroes Do, by Sergio Lopez
Daredevil #266: “A Beer with the Devil”
The Sensual Subversions of Daredevil, by Anna Peppard
Daredevil #283: “The American Nightmare”
The American (Lucid) Dream, by Jess Plummer

Steve Makes People Read Darkstar Comics
X-Men Unlimited #28″ A Plague Among Us”
The Darkest Star is Exposition, by Adam P. Knave
Captain America #352 “Refuge”
Who is Darkstar, and Why Does Anyone Like Her? by Gregory Paul Silber
The Incredible Hulk #259 “The Family That Dies Together”
Who Do You Think You Are, Darkstar? by Graeme McMillan
The Champions #13 “The Doom That Went On Forever!” 
Darkstar is an Icon, by Sara Century

Dawn of X, by Steve Morris
We’ve covered a lot of Dawn of X on the site! Find all our posts on our page here!

Deathblow #1 “Confessions
A Sad Soldier in Superhero Guise, by Tom Shapira

The Department of Truth #5
My Imagination is the Universe, by Steve Morris

Detective Comics #574: My Beginning… and My Probable End
by august (in the wake of) dawn

Detective Comics #809 “To The Victor Go The Spoils”
It’s Dangerous to be a Woman in Comics, by Reagan Anick

Die #1
Building the Deck, by Christian Hoffer

Doctor Who Magazine #139 “Culture Shock!”
That Sad Skeleton, by Sean Dillon

Doctor Who: Missy #1
A Master Plan from The Mistress, by Diane Darcy

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor by Steve Morris (Recaps)
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 “The Pictures of Josephine Day”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #2 “Music of the Spherions”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #3 “The Silvering”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #4 “Briarwood”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #5 “A Matter of Life and Death”

Doom Patrol #63: Empire of Chairs
There Is A Better World, by Charlotte Finn

Eightball #23: The Death Ray
by Rob Clough

Female Furies #1: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding
Darkseid Is… Just Another Man, by Steve Morris

FF #17 “The Roommate Experiment”
Crashing Through The Closet, by Caitlin Rosberg
FF #23: “Run”
Franklin Richards’ Rules for Reality, by Tiffany Babb

Flex Mentallo #4 “We Are All U.F.O.’s”
What is Flex Mentallo About?, by Holly Raymond, Charlotte Finn, Ritesh Babu and Emma Houxbois

Garfield: ‘Field Theory
You can read the entirety of our Field Theory series by clicking here!

Giant Days
Read our annotated journey through all three years of Giant Days by clicking here!

Giant-Size X-Men #1 “Deadly Genesis!”
A New Generation Take the Lead, by David Canham

Gotham Central by Steve Morris (Essays)
Gotham Central #12 “Soft Targets Part 1”
Gotham Central #13 “Soft Targets Part 2”
Gotham Central #14 “Soft Targets Part 3”
Gotham Central #15 “Soft Targets Part 4”

Green Lantern #75 “The Golden Obelisk of Qward!”
The Legacy of John Broome, by Ritesh Babu

Guardians of the Galaxy #9 “I Shall Make You A Star Lord”
Reclaiming What Was Lost, by Dan Spinelli

The Annotated Gwenpool Strikes Back
Gwenpool Strikes Back #1
The Pervert’s Guide, by Chloe Maveal
Gwenpool Strikes Back #2
The Pervert’s Guide, by Avery Kaplan
Gwenpool Strikes Back #3
The Pervert’s Guide, by Chloe Maveal
Gwenpool Strikes Back #4
The Pervert’s Guide, by Avery Kaplan
Gwenpool Strikes Back #5
The Gentleman’s Guide, by Steve Morris with Avery Kaplan and Chloe Maveal

Hawkeye Vol 4 #3: Cherry
How Clothes Maketh the Hawkeyes, by Holly Raidl
Hawkeye Vol 4 #11 “Pizza Is My Business”
The Language of Dogs, by Chase Magnett

Hellboy #6 “The Corpse”
Stolen Babies and Lost Histories, by Tom Shapira

House of M by Steve Morris (Recaps)
House of M #1
House of M #2
House of M #3
House of M #4
House of M #5
House of M #6
House of M #7
House of M #8

Howard The Duck Vol 1 #24 “Where Do You Go — What Do You Do — The Night After You Saved The Universe?”
WAUGH and On And On: Synecducky in Howard the Duck #24, by Osvaldo Oyola

Iceman #6
Iceman #7
by Darkstar

The Immortal Iron Fist #9
The Undefeated Fat Cobra, by Steve Morris

Impulse #3: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Impulse Saves The DC Universe, by Steve Morris

The Infinite Infinite Crisis
Shelfdust spent months exploring Infinite Crisis! Catch up on our long-running, exhaustive investigation here!

The Invisibles #12 “Best Man Fall”
Fall of the Working Man, by Steve Morris

Jem & The Holograms Annual 2015
The 1980s Live Again by Latonya Pennington

Jessica Jones #7
The Jessica Jones Family Fun Hour, by Steve Morris

Journey Into Mystery by Steve Morris (Essays)
Journey Into Mystery #622: “Journey Into Mystery”
Journey Into Mystery #623 “Too Much Light Makes The Loki Go Blind”
Journey Into Mystery #624 “Feeling Hela Good”
Journey Into Mystery #625 “Bad Romance”
Journey Into Mystery #626 “How Low Can You Go?”
Journey Into Mystery #626.1 “A Penny Dreadful for Your Thoughts”
Journey Into Mystery #627 “So The Devil Walks Into A Bar….”
Journey Into Mystery #628 “Operation: Asgardian Storm”
Journey Into Mystery #629 “The Walls Come Tumbling Down…”
Journey Into Mystery #630 “The True Story of Fear Itself”
Journey Into Mystery #631 “Fear Itself: Aftermath”
Journey Into Mystery #632 “Hot Dogs!”
Journey Into Mystery #633: “The Terrorism Myth, Part One”
Journey Into Mystery #634: “The Terrorism Myth, Part Two”
Journey Into Mystery #635: “The Terrorism Myth, Part Three”
Journey Into Mystery #636: “The Terrorism Myth, Conclusion”
Exiled #1: “Of Gods and X-Men”
Journey Into Mystery #637 “There Goeth the Neighborhood”
New Mutants #42 “Cannibal Time Bomb”
Journey Into Mystery #638: “The Oldest Lie”
New Mutants #43 “Unhappily Ever After”

Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa
Enter the Heart of Barkness, by Kayleigh Hearn

Justice League #1 “Born Again”
Justice League International is the Comic We Need!, by Chloe Maveal

Justice League: No Justice by Steve Morris (recaps)
Justice League: No Justice #1
Justice League: No Justice #2
Justice League: No Justice #3
Justice League: No Justice #4

Justice League of America #123: Where On Earth Am I?
by Graeme McMillan

Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #3
The Clockwork Construction of Locke & Key, by Avery Kaplan

The Manhattan Projects by Steve Morris (Essays)
The Manhattan Projects #1 “Infinite Oppenheimers”
The Manhattan Projects #2 “Rocket Man”
The Manhattan Projects #3 “The Bomb”

Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2 “Death Watch!”
by Steve Morris

Milestone Returns #0 “The Big Bang”
Have We Left Milestone Behind?, by Jay Rincher

Mister Miracle #10
Death, Carnage, and Children’s Parties, by Jim Dandeneau

Mockingbird #1
Opening The Puzzle Box, by Steve Morris

Monster Vol 10 “Picnic”
Shattered Realities, by Ritesh Babu

Monstress #1
Monstress Holds A Mirror To Our Worst Selves, by Laura Stump

The Multiversity #2 “Superjudge”
The Triumph of Captain Carrot, by Steve Morris

New Warroulette by Al Kennedy
New Warriors #17 “Sore Winners”
Taking Down Terrax
New Warriors #13 “A World for The Winning”
Night Thrasher Vs The Sphinx
New Warriors #36 “The Scales of Justice”
Vance Astrovik – Dawn of Justice
New Warriors #4 “Genetech Potential”
Psionex Pstrike

New X-Men #121 “Silence: Psychic Rescue in Progress”
Weaponizing Silence, by Rebecca Gault

Nextwave #1
Rescuing Monica Rambeau from Nextwave, by Steve Morris

No Mercy #9
A Stone In The Gut, by Nola Pfau

Octopus Pie “The Other Side”
How To End Well, by Masha Zhdanova

OMAC #1 “Brother Eye And Buddy Blank”
OMAC Warned Us Of The World That’s Coming, by Graeme McMillan

Omega The Unknown #1
The World May Confuse You, by Osvaldo Oyola

Original Sin by Steve Morris (Recaps)
Original Sin #0: Who Is The Watcher?
Original Sin #1: Who Shot The Watcher?
Original Sin #2: Who Holds The Eye?
Original Sin #3: Answers At All Costs!
Original Sin #4: Trust No One!
Original Sin #5: What is The Unseen?
Original Sin #6: Who Pulled The Trigger?
Original Sin #7: The Last Battleground
Original Sin #8: The Final Judgement!

The Other History of the DC Universe #3
Another History, Another Erasure, by Kelly Kanayama

Our Dreams At Dusk Vol #1
Heralding Queer Self Acceptance, by Latonya Pennington

Out Cold: Iceman’s History in the Closet
The New Defenders #136 “Bodies and Souls!”
Iceman’s Time in the New Defenders, by Sara Century
Uncanny X-Men #319 “Untapped Potential”
Iceman’s Family Reunion, by Tim Maytom
X-Men #7 “The Return of The Blob!”
“If You Twist My Arm”, by Murphy Leigh
Uncanny X-Men #415 “Secrets”
Iceman, Northstar, and Chuck Austen, by Steve Foxe

Paper Girls #7
Time Travel and Catharsis in Paper Girls #7, by Masha Zhdanova

Patsy Walker: Hellcat #3 “Snowball Effect, Part 3”
The Kinetic Kathryn Immonen, by Steve Morris

The Reapers: Revisiting Pretty Deadly Vol 1
Pretty Deadly #1
by Nola Pfau
Pretty Deadly #2
by Ashley Leckwold
Pretty Deadly #3
by Kat Overland
Pretty Deadly #4
by august (in the wake of) dawn
Pretty Deadly #5
by Samantha Puc

Prez #1 “Oh Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave?”
Land of the (Eagle) Free, by James Leask

The Private Eye “Chapter 9”
Life in the Post-Internet, by Matt Terl

Punisher Vol 7 #28 “The Slavers”
Getting In The Guts of Exploitation, by Kelly Kanayama

Punisher: Born #4
The Punisher’s New Logo Sucks, by Kelly Kanayama

The Ray #13 “Graveyard Shift”
Teenage Frustration, by Rasmus Lykke

Royals #1 “Another Future Song”
By Steve Morris

Sandman #8 “The Sound of Her Wings”
by Cori McCreery
Sandman #17 “Calliope”
Sandman’s “Calliope” in the #MeToo Era, by Kayleigh Hearn
Sandman #19 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Neil Gaiman Made Up A Man I Hate, by Kelly Kanayama
Sandman #31 “Three Septembers and a January”
Revisiting Sandman #31, by Kayleigh Hearn
Sandman #50 “Ramadan”
When White Men Dream of Baghdad, by Adrienne Resha

Scooby Apocalypse #36
Ruh Roh!, by Graeme McMillan

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion #1 by Samantha Puc
Secret Invasion #2 by Tim Maytom
Secret Invasion #3 by Jay Rincher
Secret Invasion #4 by Zoe Tunnell
Secret Invasion #5 by Caitlin Rosberg
Secret Invasion #6 by Ritesh Babu
Secret Invasion #7 by Tom Shapira
Secret Invasion #8 by Kelly Kanayama

Secret Origins #40 “The Origin of Detective Chimp”
The Secret Origin of Detective Chimp, by Steve Morris

Seven Little Sons of the Dragon “Wolves Don’t Lie”
Son, You’re a Werewolf, by William Moo

Seven Critics of Victory
Our thirty-part series on Seven Soldiers of Victory featured eight amazing comics critics! You can find all our coverage here!

Sex Criminals #10 “Alone Together”
On Feeling Seen in Unexpected Moments, by Samantha Puc

“She Would Feel The Same”; “Don’t Go Without Me”
Love, Loss, and Memory, by Zoe Tunnell

Shelfdust 500 
The Flash #138 “The Human Race” by Jay Rincher
Captain Ginger #1 by Katie Liggera
The Girl Without A Face by William Moo
Scavengers #1 by Leo Healy
Hex #1″Once Upon a Time… in the West?!?” by Jeff Robertson
Uncanny X-Men #173 “To Have And Have Not” by Derek Moreland
Saga of The Swamp-Thing #36 “The Nukeface Papers” by T. Trewhella
Web of Spider-Man #127 “The Last Temptation of Peter Parker” by Chad Nevett
Batman: Ego by Ewan Paterson
Saga of The Swamp-Thing #54 “The Flowers of Romance” by Tom Shapira
Grendel #9 “Devil’s Revenge” by Kayleigh Hearn
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #7 by Derrick Shaw
Moth & Whisper #5 “Parental Guidance” by Madeleine Chan
Secret Six #3 “A Run of Misfortune” by Steve Morris
DC Pride 2022 “Think Of Me” by Steve Morris
Secret Warriors #4 “Agent of Nothing, Part 4” by Steve Morris
X-Men #188 “Supernovas, Part 1” by Steve Morris
Uncanny X-Men #175 “Phoenix!” by Austin Gorton
Oor Wullie Annual 2000 by Steve Galloway

Silk #6
Anxiety and Cindy Moon, by Latonya Pennington

Spawn de Replay by Steve Morris
Spawn #1 “Questions Pt. 1”
Looking Back At Spawn #1
Spawn #2 “Questions Pt. 2”
What the Hell is a “Violator” Anyway?
Spawn #3 “Questions Pt. 3”
Moving on from Marvel
Spawn #4 “Questions Pt. 4”
Spawn and Tom Orzechowski
Spawn #5 “Justice”
The Ice Cream Killer

Spider-Man: The Parker Years
Bye, Peter? Weird Vibes, by Gregory Silber

Spider-Woman #9 “Eye of the Needle”
To Know Her Is To Fear Her, by Sara Century

The Spirit “The Last Trolley”
Eisner’s Radical Noirish Style, by Colin Smith

Star Wars Age of Resistance: General Hux #1
Not Weak, but Patient, by Jennifer de Guzman

Star Wars Tales #10 “Trooper”
Ennis and McCrea take on Star Wars, by Tom Shapira

Static Season One #1
The Old Sparks Fly Again, by Kenneth Laster

Stray Bullets #5 “Backin’ Up The Truck”
Great Responsibility?, by Chad Nevett

Superman Vol 1 #76 “The Mightiest Team on Earth!”
by Steve Morris
Superman Vol 1 #400 “The Living Legends of Superman”
by Seb Patrick

Superman Vol 2 #79 “Prove It”
Perry White Is Canonically a Bad Editor, by Mark O. Stack

Superman: A Man For All Seasons #3
When Steel Fails, by Matthew Cowans

Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #3
Babes of Steel, by Anna F. Peppard

The Tammy and Jinty Special 2020
Classic Comics for Girls are Back! by Kayleigh Hearn

Teen Titans #10 “The Secret Lives of Parents”
Gay or At-lan-tean? DC Needs to Get Their Aqualad Straight, by Justin Carter

The Mighty Thor #337 “DOOM”
All Hail Our Hunky Horse Hero, by Caitlin Rosberg

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #1 “How To Say Goodbye and Mean It”
by Steve Morris

Ultimate Nightmare #5
The Ultimate Universe’s Ultimate Decompression, by Steve Morris

Ultimates v2 #8 “The Survivors”
How to Have Your Cosmic Cake and Eat It, by Zoe Tunnell

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #3
Batroc The Leaper: Your Favourite B-Lister, by Steve Morris

Uncanny X-Men #346 “The Story of the Year”
J. Jonah Jameson and the Mutants
Uncanny X-Men #428 “The Draco, Part 1”
How Did We Get Here? by Steve Morris

Usagi Yojimbo #10: “Return to Adachi Plain”
The Goblin of Memory, by Mark Turetsky

Usagi Yojimbo #92 “Chanoyu”
The Things That Are Hidden, by Mark Turetsky

The Vision #1 “Visions of the Future”
R U NORMAL? On the Attempt to Normalize the Outsider, by Tiffany Babb

Watchmen #1: At Midnight, All The Agents…
by Priya Sridhar
Watchmen #2: Absent Friends
by Rosie Knight
Watchmen #3: The Judge of All The Earth
by Chloe Maveal
Watchmen #4: Watchmaker
by Suzette Chan
Watchmen #5: Fearful Symmetry
by Sasha Fraze
Watchmen #6: The Abyss Gazes Also
by Kelly Kanayama
Watchmen #7: A Brother To Dragons
by Nola Pfau
Watchmen #8: Old Ghosts
by Charlotte Finn
Watchmen #9: The Darkness of Mere Being
by Samantha Puc
Watchmen #10: Two Riders Were Approaching
by Kayleigh Hearn
Watchmen #11: Look On My Works, Ye Mighty
by Tiffany Babb
Watchmen #12: A Stronger Loving World
by Sara Century

We3 #1
From a Dog Owner’s Perspective, by Chase Magnett
We3 #2
From a Cat Owner’s Perspective, by J. A. Micheline
We3 #3
From a Rabbit Owner’s Perspective, by Emma Lawson

West Coast Avengers #246 “Franchise”
Big Dreams, Big Bertha, and Bulimia, by Rebecca Kaplan

The Wicked + The Divine #13 “Commercial Suicide”
Seeing My Story Retold, by Muireann McGlynn

Wolverine Vol 3
Wolverine #1: Brotherhood, Part 1
by Gary Moloney

Wolverine Vol 4 by Steve Morris (Recaps)
Wolverine: The Road to Hell
Wolverine #1: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part One
Wolverine #2: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Two
Wolverine #3: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Three
Wolverine #4: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Four
Wolverine #5: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Five

Wonder Woman #225 “Nothing Finished, Only Abandoned”
Faith in the Face of Failure, by Ritesh Babu

World’s Finest #298 “The Kryll Way of Dying”
On Heroic Loving: Investigating Intimate Encounters, by Anna Peppard

WWE: Then. Now. Forever
by Steve Morris

X-Factor Vol 1 #85 “Snikts and Bones”
Remember that Awesome Cable Fight?
X-Factor Vol 1 #87 “X-Aminations”
A Modern Day Cross X-Amination, by Dan Grote

X-Men #94 “The Doomsmith Scenario!”
It Begins with an End, by Austin Gorton

X-Men #1 “Rubicon”
The Fittest Comic Book Of All Time, by Claire Napier

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