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Black Comic Book History
1970: Ebon #1 with Larry Fuller
by Wendy Browne
1971: Creepy #43 with Billy Graham
by Wendy Browne
1972: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 with Billy Graham
by Matthew Cowans
1972: Super Soul Comix #1 with Richard “Grass” Green
by Touissaint Egan
1974: Jungle Action #10 with Billy Graham
by Jay Rincher
1975: White Whore Funnies #1 with Larry Fuller and Raye Horne
by Wendy Browne
1976: Fast Willie Jackson and Golden Legacy with Bertram A. Fitzgerald
by Wendy Browne
1977: The Love Rangers #1 with Vernon Grant
by Wendy Browne
1979: Amazing Spider-Man #194 with Keith Pollard
by Kenneth Laster
1980: Weird War Tales #94 with Denys Cowan
by Matthew Cowans
– 1982: Hugo #1 and Milton Knight
by Wendy Browne (with Milton Knight)
– 1983: The Falcon #1 and Jim Owsley
by Kenneth Laster
– 1984: Blue Devil #1 and Paris Cullins
by Kenneth Laster
1987: Daredevil #246 and Priest
by Adam Karenina Sherif
1988: Black Panther: Hero No More #1 and Denys Cowan
by Matthew Cowans
1988: Wolfpack #1 and Ron Wilson & Kyle Baker
by Matthew Cowans
1989: Damage Control #1 and Dwayne McDuffie
by Latonya Pennington
1990: Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline #1 and the Sims Brothers
by Matthew Cowans
1993: Static #1 and Robert L. Washington & Dwayne McDuffie
by Kenneth Laster
1993: Hardware #1 and Dwayne McDuffie & Denys Cowan
by David Brothers

The Unwritten by Steve Morris
The Unwritten #1 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity”
The Unwritten #2 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity Part Two”
The Unwritten #3 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity Part Three”
The Unwritten #4 “Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity: Conclusion”

Shelfdust 500 
The Flash #138 “The Human Race” by Jay Rincher
Captain Ginger #1 by Katie Liggera
The Girl Without A Face by William Moo
Scavengers #1 by Leo Healy
Hex #1″Once Upon a Time… in the West?!?” by Jeff Robertson
Uncanny X-Men #173 “To Have And Have Not” by Derek Moreland
Saga of The Swamp-Thing #36 “The Nukeface Papers” by T. Trewhella
Web of Spider-Man #127 “The Last Temptation of Peter Parker” by Chad Nevett
Batman: Ego by Ewan Paterson
Saga of The Swamp-Thing #54 “The Flowers of Romance” by Tom Shapira
Grendel #9 “Devil’s Revenge” by Kayleigh Hearn
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #7 by Derrick Shaw


Recent Pieces:

Criminal: Last of the Innocent #3
Notes on a Hollow Man, by Justin Harrison

Star Wars Tales #10 “Trooper”
Ennis and McCrea take on Star Wars, by Tom Shapira

Avengers 34.1 “The World In His Hands”
Redefining Hyperion, by Chad Nevett

Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #3
Babes of Steel, by Anna F. Peppard

New X-Men #121 “Silence: Psychic Rescue in Progress”
Weaponizing Silence, by Rebecca Gault

The Private Eye “Chapter 9”
Life in the Post-Internet, by Matt Terl

Top 10 #8 “The Overview”
The Finite and Infinite, by T. Trewhella


The Shelf:

2000AD Prog 20 “Shako”
Shako in America, by Tegan O’Neill
2000AD Prog #444 “Love Story”
Unhorny On Main: Asexuality in Judge Dredd, by Tom Shapira
2000AD Prog 460 “Letter From A Democrat”
Democracy Is Not For The People, by Tom Shapira
2000AD #2023 “Get Jerry Sing”
Wagner and Ezquerra’s Last Dredd Story, by Leo Healy

A Sharper Image:
Wetworks #1
by Sara Century
ShadowHawk #1
by Claire Napier
Cyber Force #1
by Wendy Browne
Youngblood #1
by Kelly Kanayama
Savage Dragon #1
by Nola Pfau
Spawn #1
by Kim O’Connor
WildC.A.T.S. #1
by august (in the wake of) dawn

Action Comics #15 “Evil’s Earliest Days”
Looking Back at The “Angry” Superman, by august (in the wake of) dawn

Amazing Spider-Man #4
Spider-Man Hates Education by J. Jonah Jameson

Amazing Spider-Man Roulette by Steve Morris
Find every issue of Amazing Spider-Man covered by Shelfdust here!

Animal Man #5 “The Coyote Gospel”
A Gospel According to Grant Morrison, by Gregory Silber

Assassin Nation #1
The Power of Listicles, by Steve Morris

Astro City: A Year in the Big City by Charlotte Finn
Charlotte Finn wrote about every issue of Astro City’s run at Vertigo Comics! Click here to find all her essays!

Avengers Assemble #15.AU “Submit, Britannia!”
Complex Feelings About National Identity, by Kieran Shiach

Batman Vol. 1 #35 “Dinosaur Island!”
How Batman Got His Dinosaur, by Steve Morris

Batman #542: “Faceless Part One: Murdicide”
Bruce Wayne Shouldn’t Give To Charity, by Steve Morris

Batman Vol 2 #1 “Knife Trick”
Out With The Old, by Steve Morris

Batman Vol 3 #12 “I Am Suicide”
Batman’s Weird Power Fantasy, by Steve Morris
Batman Vol 3 #24 “Every Epilogue is a Prelude”
The Man Behind The Bat, by Terrence Sage

Batman’s Greatest Enemy
Detective Comics #571 “Fear For Sale”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… The Scarecrow, by Tom Shapira
Detective Comics #475 “The Laughing Fish”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Romance, by Priya Sridhar
Batman #339 “A Sweet Kiss of Poison”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Poison Ivy, by Philippe Leblanc
Detective Comics #404 “Who I Am, How I Came To Be”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Joe Chill, by Gregory Paul Silber
Batman: White Knight #8
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… The Joker, by Caitlin Rosberg
Batman #405 “Who I Am, How I Came To Be”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Gotham City, by Mo Ali
Batman #454 “Dark Knight, Dark City”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Barbathos, by Lachan R.
Batman & Robin #13: The Garden of Death
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Dr Hurt, by Ritesh Babu
Batman #656: “Man-Bats of London”
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… His Junk, by Kelly Kanayama
Batman: Harley Quinn #1
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… Harley Quinn, by S.E. Fleenor
Batman #428
Batman’s Greatest Enemy is… His Mind, by Justin Partridge

Batman Eternal (Recaps)
You can find the entire 52-issue run of Batman Eternal as recapped on Shelfdust by Steve Morris right here!

Batman: The Long Halloween by Steve Morris
The Long Halloween #1 “Halloween”
The Long Halloween #2 “Thanksgiving”
The Long Halloween #3 “Christmas”
The Long Halloween #4 “New Year’s Eve”
The Long Halloween #5 “Valentine’s Day”
The Long Halloween #6 “St. Patrick’s Day”
The Long Halloween #7 “April Fool’s Day”
The Long Halloween #8 “Mothers Day”
The Long Halloween #9 “Father’s Day”
The Long Halloween #10 “Independence Day”
The Long Halloween #11 “Roman Holiday”
The Long Halloween #12 “Labor Day”
The Long Halloween #13 “Halloween (Again)”

The Best Mutant
X-Factor #4 “X Of Swords Chapter 2”
The Best Mutant is Polaris, argues Cori McCreery
New Mutants #22 “The Shadow Within”
The Best Mutant is Nightcrawler, argues Zoe Tunnell
Wolverine & The X-Men #17 “Wolverine’s Secret Weapon”
The Best Mutant is Doop, argues Brad Gullickson
2000AD Prog #200″
The Best Mutant is Johnny Alpha, argues Tom Shapira
New Mutants #73 “The Gift”
The Best Mutant is Magik, argues Duna Haller
Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #3
Blob Could Be The Best Mutant, argues Samantha Puc
Captain Britain & MI:13 #15
The Best Mutant is Pete Wisdom, argues Dan Grote
Marvel Presents #150
The Best Mutant is Jessie Drake, argues Dani Kinney
X-Men Legacy Vol 2 #24 “For We Are Many”
The Best Mutant is David Haller, argues Sean Dillon
X-Force #19 “The Open Hand – The Closed Fist”
The Best Mutant is Cannonball, argues Vishal Gullapalli
House of M #7
The Best Mutant is Scarlet Witch, argues Chad Nevett
Uncanny X-Men V2 #14
The Best Mutant is Mister Sinister, argues Rowan Grover
Uncanny X-Men V5 #15 “This Is Forever, Part 5”
The Best Mutant is Hope Summers, argues Jean Brigid-Prehn
X-Men #28 “Devil in the House”
The Best Mutant is Jean Grey, argues Kayleigh Hearn

Bitch Planet #3 “Too Big To Fail”
The Radical Fatness of Penny Rolle, by Samantha Puc

Black Panther #13 “Avengers of The New World”
The Power of Belief, by Jude Jones

Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda
The OG Mandalorian, or, How I Almost Learned To Love Boba Fett, by Dylan Todd

Bone #10 “The Great Cow Race”
The Finest Cow-Centric Chase in Comics, by Al Kennedy

The Brave and the Bold #200 “Smell of Brimstone, Stench of Death!”
Parallel Universes and Feuds, by Tiffany Babb

Casanova: Avaritia #2 “What If It’s Never Enough?”
Casanova Is A F***ity Comic, by Daniel Elkin

The Champions by Steve Morris (Recaps)
The Champions #1 “The World Still Needs… The Champions!”
The Champions #2 “Whom The Gods Would Join…”
The Champions #3 “Assault on Olympus!”
The Champions #4 “Murder At Malibu!”
The Champions #5 “Murder Is A Man Called… RAMPAGE!”
The Champions #6 “Mad Dogs and Businessmen”
The Champions #7 “The Man Who Created the Black Widow!”

Christmas With The Super Heroes #2
Heroes for the Holidays, by Seb Patrick

Civil War: The Confession
Was It Worth It? by Matt O’Keefe

Daredevil #191 “Roulette”
This Is Not What Heroes Do, by Sergio Lopez
Daredevil #266: “A Beer with the Devil”
The Sensual Subversions of Daredevil, by Anna Peppard
Daredevil #283: “The American Nightmare”
The American (Lucid) Dream, by Jess Plummer

Steve Makes People Read Darkstar Comics
X-Men Unlimited #28″ A Plague Among Us”
The Darkest Star is Exposition, by Adam P. Knave
Captain America #352 “Refuge”
Who is Darkstar, and Why Does Anyone Like Her? by Gregory Paul Silber
The Incredible Hulk #259 “The Family That Dies Together”
Who Do You Think You Are, Darkstar? by Graeme McMillan
The Champions #13 “The Doom That Went On Forever!” 
Darkstar is an Icon, by Sara Century

Dawn of X, by Steve Morris
We’ve covered a lot of Dawn of X on the site! Find all our posts on our page here!

Deathblow #1 “Confessions
A Sad Soldier in Superhero Guise, by Tom Shapira

Detective Comics #574: My Beginning… and My Probable End
by august (in the wake of) dawn

Die #1
Building the Deck, by Christian Hoffer

Doctor Who Magazine #139 “Culture Shock!”
That Sad Skeleton, by Sean Dillon

Doctor Who: Missy #1
A Master Plan from The Mistress, by Diane Darcy

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor by Steve Morris (Recaps)
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 “The Pictures of Josephine Day”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #2 “Music of the Spherions”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #3 “The Silvering”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #4 “Briarwood”
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #5 “A Matter of Life and Death”

Doom Patrol #63: Empire of Chairs
There Is A Better World, by Charlotte Finn

Eightball #23: The Death Ray
by Rob Clough

Female Furies #1: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding
Darkseid Is… Just Another Man, by Steve Morris

FF #17 “The Roommate Experiment”
Crashing Through The Closet, by Caitlin Rosberg
FF #23: “Run”
Franklin Richards’ Rules for Reality, by Tiffany Babb

Flex Mentallo #4 “We Are All U.F.O.’s”
What is Flex Mentallo About?, by Holly Raymond, Charlotte Finn, Ritesh Babu and Emma Houxbois

Garfield: ‘Field Theory

Garfield: 23rd November 2002 by Steve Morris
Garfield: 13th October 1978 by Sean Dillon
Garfield: 8th September 1987 by Katie Liggera
Garfield: 9th February 1983 by Dan Grote
Garfield: 11th January 2016 by Caitlin Rosberg
Garfield: 9th February 1992 by Steve Morris
Garfield: 30th June 1991 by Andrea Ayres
Garfield: 16th April 1982 by Steve Morris
Garfield: 23rd November 2018 by Ashley Leckwold
Garfield: 16th June 2017 by Ritesh Babu
Garfield: 29th April 1980 by Corey Smith
Garfield: 5th May 1983 by Rasmus Lykke
Garfield: 21st April 1997 by Charlotte Finn
Garfield: 27th July 1978 by Sean Dillon

Giant Days Year One by Claire Napier (Annotations)
Giant Days (Year One) #1
Giant Days (Year One) #2
Giant Days (Year One) #3

Giant Days Year Two (Annotations)
Giant Days #1: Fresher’s Week
by Steve Morris with El Anderson and Clark Burscough
Giant Days #2: Fresher’s Flu
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #3: Bantserve
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #4: Daisy’s Birthday
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #5: Christmas Ball
by Clark Burscough
Giant Days #6: Northampton
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #7: First Year Exams
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #8: Friday Night Lights
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #9: Ed Vs The Student President
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #10: Big Lindsay
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #11: Election Day
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #12: Camping Trip
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #13: Esther Goes Home
by Claire Napier
Giant Days #14: House Hunting
by Claire Napier
Giant Days #15: Sheffield Film Festival
by Claire Napier
Giant Days #16: Susan’s Day of Dates
by Claire Napier
Giant Days #17: The Archaeology Dig
by Claire Napier
Giant Days #18: End of First Year
by Claire Napier and Kieron Gillen
Giant Days #19 “Summer Musical Festival” by Steve Morris
The Giant Days 2016 Holiday Special by Tim Maytom
“How The Fishman Despoiled Christmas” by Tim Maytom
Giant Days #20 “IKEA”
Giant Days #21 “The Break In”
Giant Days #22 “Ingrid”
Giant Days #23 “A Dinner Party”
Giant Days #24 “Big Geoff”
Giant Days #25 “Susan’s Christmas Miracle”
Giant Days #26: Dean’s Wedding
Giant Days #27 “Protest!”
Giant Days #28 “Secrets of the Garage”
Giant Days #29 “Ed’s Date”
Giant Days #30 “Yoko”
by Steve Morris
The Giant Days 2017 Holiday Special by Ned Barnett
Giant Days #31 “A Peace Treaty”
Giant Days #32 “House Problems”
by Steve Morris
Giant Days #33 “Crying in Top Shop” by Kelly Richards
Giant Days #34 “Ed’s Confession” by Clark Burscough
Giant Days #35 “Lottie Grote” by Kelly Richards
Giant Days #36 “End of Second Year” by Tom Shapira

Third Year
Giant Days #37 “Daisy Comes Out”
Giant Days #38 “Daisy the Mentor”
– Giant Days #39 “The Job Fair”
Giant Days #40 “Ed Returns”
Giant Days #41 “The Costume Ball”
Giant Days #42 “Esther’s Crush”
Giant Days #43 “The Christmas Fair”
– Giant Days #44 “Valentine’s Day”
by Kelly Richards
– Giant Days: Where Women Glow and Men Plunder by Ryan K. Lindsay
– Giant Days #45 “Nina’s Problem” by Kelly Richards
– Giant Days #46 “The Comic Shop Mystery” by Amy Garvey-Eckett
– Giant Days #47 “Daisy’s Driving Test” by Edward Haynes
– Giant Days #48 “Brother-In-Law McGraw” by Matt Sibley
– Giant Days #49 “Esther Goes Home (Again)” by Kelly Richards
– Giant Days #50 “Cricket” by Steve Morris
– Giant Days #51 “McGraw Mourns” by Michael Eckett
Giant Days #52 “Job Hunting in London” by Ned Barnett
Giant Days #53 “The End of Third Year” by Matt Lune
Giant Days #54 “Graduation” by Kelly Richards

Giant Days: As Time Goes By with Clark Burscough, Amy Garvey-Eckett, Michael Garvey, Tim Maytom, Steve Morris, Claire Napier, Kelly Richards, Tom Shapira and Matt Sible

Giant-Size X-Men #1 “Deadly Genesis!”
A New Generation Take the Lead, by David Canham

Gotham Central by Steve Morris (Essays)
Gotham Central #12 “Soft Targets Part 1”
Gotham Central #13 “Soft Targets Part 2”
Gotham Central #14 “Soft Targets Part 3”
Gotham Central #15 “Soft Targets Part 4”

Green Lantern #75 “The Golden Obelisk of Qward!”
The Legacy of John Broome, by Ritesh Babu

Guardians of the Galaxy #9 “I Shall Make You A Star Lord”
Reclaiming What Was Lost, by Dan Spinelli

The Annotated Gwenpool Strikes Back
Gwenpool Strikes Back #1
The Pervert’s Guide, by Chloe Maveal
Gwenpool Strikes Back #2
The Pervert’s Guide, by Avery Kaplan
Gwenpool Strikes Back #3
The Pervert’s Guide, by Chloe Maveal
Gwenpool Strikes Back #4
The Pervert’s Guide, by Avery Kaplan
Gwenpool Strikes Back #5
The Gentleman’s Guide, by Steve Morris with Avery Kaplan and Chloe Maveal

Hawkeye Vol 4 #3: Cherry
How Clothes Maketh the Hawkeyes, by Holly Raidl
Hawkeye Vol 4 #11 “Pizza Is My Business”
The Language of Dogs, by Chase Magnett

Hellboy #6 “The Corpse”
Stolen Babies and Lost Histories, by Tom Shapira

House of M by Steve Morris (Recaps)
House of M #1
House of M #2
House of M #3
House of M #4
House of M #5
House of M #6
House of M #7
House of M #8

House of X / Powers of X by Steve Morris
House of X #1: The House That Charles Xavier Built
Powers of X #1: The Last Dream of Professor X
House of X #2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X
Powers of X #2: We Are Together Now, You and I
Powers of X #3: This Is What You Do
House of X #3: Once More Unto the Breach
House of X #4: It Will Be Done
Powers of X #4: Something Sinister
House of X #5: Society
Powers of X #5: For The Children
House of X #6: I Am Not Ashamed
Powers of X #6: House of X

Howard The Duck Vol 1 #24 “Where Do You Go — What Do You Do — The Night After You Saved The Universe?”
WAUGH and On And On: Synecducky in Howard the Duck #24, by Osvaldo Oyola

Iceman #6
Iceman #7
by Darkstar

The Immortal Iron Fist #9
The Undefeated Fat Cobra, by Steve Morris

Impulse #3: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Impulse Saves The DC Universe, by Steve Morris

The Infinite Infinite Crisis
Shelfdust spent months exploring Infinite Crisis! Catch up on our long-running, exhaustive investigation here!

The Invisibles #12 “Best Man Fall”
Fall of the Working Man, by Steve Morris

Jem & The Holograms Annual 2015
The 1980s Live Again by Latonya Pennington

Jessica Jones #7
The Jessica Jones Family Fun Hour, by Steve Morris

Journey Into Mystery by Steve Morris (Essays)
Journey Into Mystery #622: “Journey Into Mystery”
Journey Into Mystery #623 “Too Much Light Makes The Loki Go Blind”
Journey Into Mystery #624 “Feeling Hela Good”
Journey Into Mystery #625 “Bad Romance”
Journey Into Mystery #626 “How Low Can You Go?”
Journey Into Mystery #626.1 “A Penny Dreadful for Your Thoughts”
Journey Into Mystery #627 “So The Devil Walks Into A Bar….”
Journey Into Mystery #628 “Operation: Asgardian Storm”
Journey Into Mystery #629 “The Walls Come Tumbling Down…”
Journey Into Mystery #630 “The True Story of Fear Itself”
Journey Into Mystery #631 “Fear Itself: Aftermath”
Journey Into Mystery #632 “Hot Dogs!”
Journey Into Mystery #633: “The Terrorism Myth, Part One”
Journey Into Mystery #634: “The Terrorism Myth, Part Two”
Journey Into Mystery #635: “The Terrorism Myth, Part Three”
Journey Into Mystery #636: “The Terrorism Myth, Conclusion”
Exiled #1: “Of Gods and X-Men”
Journey Into Mystery #637 “There Goeth the Neighborhood”
New Mutants #42 “Cannibal Time Bomb”
Journey Into Mystery #638: “The Oldest Lie”
New Mutants #43 “Unhappily Ever After”

Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa
Enter the Heart of Barkness, by Kayleigh Hearn

Justice League #1 “Born Again”
Justice League International is the Comic We Need!, by Chloe Maveal

Justice League: No Justice by Steve Morris (recaps)
Justice League: No Justice #1
Justice League: No Justice #2
Justice League: No Justice #3
Justice League: No Justice #4

Justice League of America #123: Where On Earth Am I?
by Graeme McMillan

Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #3
The Clockwork Construction of Locke & Key, by Avery Kaplan

The Manhattan Projects by Steve Morris (Essays)
The Manhattan Projects #1 “Infinite Oppenheimers”
The Manhattan Projects #2 “Rocket Man”
The Manhattan Projects #3 “The Bomb”

Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2 “Death Watch!”
by Steve Morris

Milestone Returns #0 “The Big Bang”
Have We Left Milestone Behind?, by Jay Rincher

Mister Miracle #10
Death, Carnage, and Children’s Parties, by Jim Dandeneau

Mockingbird #1
Opening The Puzzle Box, by Steve Morris

Monster Vol 10 “Picnic”
Shattered Realities, by Ritesh Babu

Monstress #1
Monstress Holds A Mirror To Our Worst Selves, by Laura Stump

The Multiversity #2 “Superjudge”
The Triumph of Captain Carrot, by Steve Morris

New Warroulette by Al Kennedy
New Warriors #17 “Sore Winners”
Taking Down Terrax
New Warriors #13 “A World for The Winning”
Night Thrasher Vs The Sphinx
New Warriors #36 “The Scales of Justice”
Vance Astrovik – Dawn of Justice
New Warriors #4 “Genetech Potential”
Psionex Pstrike

Nextwave #1
Rescuing Monica Rambeau from Nextwave, by Steve Morris

No Mercy #9
A Stone In The Gut, by Nola Pfau

Octopus Pie “The Other Side”
How To End Well, by Masha Zhdanova

OMAC #1 “Brother Eye And Buddy Blank”
OMAC Warned Us Of The World That’s Coming, by Graeme McMillan

Omega The Unknown #1
The World May Confuse You, by Osvaldo Oyola

Original Sin by Steve Morris (Recaps)
Original Sin #0: Who Is The Watcher?
Original Sin #1: Who Shot The Watcher?
Original Sin #2: Who Holds The Eye?
Original Sin #3: Answers At All Costs!
Original Sin #4: Trust No One!
Original Sin #5: What is The Unseen?
Original Sin #6: Who Pulled The Trigger?
Original Sin #7: The Last Battleground
Original Sin #8: The Final Judgement!

The Other History of the DC Universe #3
Another History, Another Erasure, by Kelly Kanayama

Our Dreams At Dusk Vol #1
Heralding Queer Self Acceptance, by Latonya Pennington

Out Cold: Iceman’s History in the Closet
The New Defenders #136 “Bodies and Souls!”
Iceman’s Time in the New Defenders, by Sara Century
Uncanny X-Men #319 “Untapped Potential”
Iceman’s Family Reunion, by Tim Maytom
X-Men #7 “The Return of The Blob!”
“If You Twist My Arm”, by Murphy Leigh
Uncanny X-Men #415 “Secrets”
Iceman, Northstar, and Chuck Austen, by Steve Foxe

Paper Girls #7
Time Travel and Catharsis in Paper Girls #7, by Masha Zhdanova

The Reapers: Revisiting Pretty Deadly Vol 1
Pretty Deadly #1
by Nola Pfau
Pretty Deadly #2
by Ashley Leckwold
Pretty Deadly #3
by Kat Overland
Pretty Deadly #4
by august (in the wake of) dawn
Pretty Deadly #5
by Samantha Puc

Prez #1 “Oh Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave?”
Land of the (Eagle) Free, by James Leask

Punisher Vol 7 #28 “The Slavers”
Getting In The Guts of Exploitation, by Kelly Kanayama

Punisher: Born #4
The Punisher’s New Logo Sucks, by Kelly Kanayama

Royals #1 “Another Future Song”
By Steve Morris

Sandman #8 “The Sound of Her Wings”
by Cori McCreery
Sandman #17 “Calliope”
Sandman’s “Calliope” in the #MeToo Era, by Kayleigh Hearn
Sandman #19 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Neil Gaiman Made Up A Man I Hate, by Kelly Kanayama
Sandman #31 “Three Septembers and a January”
Revisiting Sandman #31, by Kayleigh Hearn
Sandman #50 “Ramadan”
When White Men Dream of Baghdad, by Adrienne Resha

Scooby Apocalypse #36
Ruh Roh!, by Graeme McMillan

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion #1 by Samantha Puc
Secret Invasion #2 by Tim Maytom
Secret Invasion #3 by Jay Rincher
Secret Invasion #4 by Zoe Tunnell
Secret Invasion #5 by Caitlin Rosberg
Secret Invasion #6 by Ritesh Babu
Secret Invasion #7 by Tom Shapira
Secret Invasion #8 by Kelly Kanayama

Secret Origins #40 “The Origin of Detective Chimp”
The Secret Origin of Detective Chimp, by Steve Morris

Seven Little Sons of the Dragon “Wolves Don’t Lie”
Son, You’re a Werewolf, by William Moo

Seven Critics of Victory
Our thirty-part series on Seven Soldiers of Victory featured eight amazing comics critics! You can find all our coverage here!

Sex Criminals #10 “Alone Together”
On Feeling Seen in Unexpected Moments, by Samantha Puc

“She Would Feel The Same”; “Don’t Go Without Me”
Love, Loss, and Memory, by Zoe Tunnell

Silk #6
Anxiety and Cindy Moon, by Latonya Pennington

Spawn de Replay by Steve Morris
Spawn #1 “Questions Pt. 1”
Looking Back At Spawn #1
Spawn #2 “Questions Pt. 2”
What the Hell is a “Violator” Anyway?
Spawn #3 “Questions Pt. 3”
Moving on from Marvel
Spawn #4 “Questions Pt. 4”
Spawn and Tom Orzechowski

Spider-Man: The Parker Years
Bye, Peter? Weird Vibes, by Gregory Silber

The Spirit “The Last Trolley”
Eisner’s Radical Noirish Style, by Colin Smith

Star Wars Age of Resistance: General Hux #1
Not Weak, but Patient, by Jennifer de Guzman

Static Season One #1
The Old Sparks Fly Again, by Kenneth Laster

Stray Bullets #5 “Backin’ Up The Truck”
Great Responsibility?, by Chad Nevett

Superman Vol 1 #76 “The Mightiest Team on Earth!”
by Steve Morris

Superman Vol 1 #400 “The Living Legends of Superman”
by Seb Patrick

Superman Vol 2 #79 “Prove It”
Perry White Is Canonically a Bad Editor, by Mark O. Stack

The Tammy and Jinty Special 2020
Classic Comics for Girls are Back! by Kayleigh Hearn

Teen Titans #10 “The Secret Lives of Parents”
Gay or At-lan-tean? DC Needs to Get Their Aqualad Straight, by Justin Carter

The Mighty Thor #337 “DOOM”
All Hail Our Hunky Horse Hero, by Caitlin Rosberg

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #1 “How To Say Goodbye and Mean It”
by Steve Morris

Ultimate Nightmare #5
The Ultimate Universe’s Ultimate Decompression, by Steve Morris

Ultimates v2 #8 “The Survivors”
How to Have Your Cosmic Cake and Eat It, by Zoe Tunnell

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #3
Batroc The Leaper: Your Favourite B-Lister, by Steve Morris

Uncanny X-Men #346 “The Story of the Year”
J. Jonah Jameson and the Mutants
Uncanny X-Men #428 “The Draco, Part 1”
How Did We Get Here? by Steve Morris

Usagi Yojimbo #10: “Return to Adachi Plain”
The Goblin of Memory, by Mark Turetsky

Usagi Yojimbo #92 “Chanoyu”
The Things That Are Hidden, by Mark Turetsky

The Vision #1 “Visions of the Future”
R U NORMAL? On the Attempt to Normalize the Outsider, by Tiffany Babb

Watchmen #1: At Midnight, All The Agents…
by Priya Sridhar
Watchmen #2: Absent Friends
by Rosie Knight
Watchmen #3: The Judge of All The Earth
by Chloe Maveal
Watchmen #4: Watchmaker
by Suzette Chan
Watchmen #5: Fearful Symmetry
by Sasha Fraze
Watchmen #6: The Abyss Gazes Also
by Kelly Kanayama
Watchmen #7: A Brother To Dragons
by Nola Pfau
Watchmen #8: Old Ghosts
by Charlotte Finn
Watchmen #9: The Darkness of Mere Being
by Samantha Puc
Watchmen #10: Two Riders Were Approaching
by Kayleigh Hearn
Watchmen #11: Look On My Works, Ye Mighty
by Tiffany Babb
Watchmen #12: A Stronger Loving World
by Sara Century

We3 #1
From a Dog Owner’s Perspective, by Chase Magnett
We3 #2
From a Cat Owner’s Perspective, by J. A. Micheline
We3 #3
From a Rabbit Owner’s Perspective, by Emma Lawson

West Coast Avengers #246 “Franchise”
Big Dreams, Big Bertha, and Bulimia, by Rebecca Kaplan

The Wicked + The Divine #13 “Commercial Suicide”
Seeing My Story Retold, by Muireann McGlynn

Wolverine Vol 3
Wolverine #1: Brotherhood, Part 1
by Gary Moloney

Wolverine Vol 4 by Steve Morris (Recaps)
Wolverine: The Road to Hell
Wolverine #1: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part One
Wolverine #2: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Two
Wolverine #3: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Three
Wolverine #4: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Four
Wolverine #5: Wolverine Goes To Hell Part Five

Wonder Woman #225 “Nothing Finished, Only Abandoned”
Faith in the Face of Failure, by Ritesh Babu

World’s Finest #298 “The Kryll Way of Dying”
On Heroic Loving: Investigating Intimate Encounters, by Anna Peppard

WWE: Then. Now. Forever
by Steve Morris

X-Factor Vol 1 #85 “Snikts and Bones”
Remember that Awesome Cable Fight?
X-Factor Vol 1 #87 “X-Aminations”
A Modern Day Cross X-Amination, by Dan Grote

X-Men #1 “Rubicon”
The Fittest Comic Book Of All Time, by Claire Napier

X-Men Roulette by Steve Morris (Essays)
Uncanny X-Men #501 “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
Uncanny X-Men #42 “If I Should Die…!”
Uncanny X-Men #543 “Fear Itself, Part Four”
Uncanny X-Men #15 “Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold”
Uncanny X-Men #391 “Dad”
Uncanny X-Men #9 “Enter The Avengers”
Uncanny X-Men #227 “The Belly of the Beast”
Uncanny X-Men #420 “Dominant Species – Conclusion”
Uncanny X-Men #337 “Know Thy Enemy”
Uncanny X-Men #309 “…When the Tigers Come at Night!”
Uncanny X-Men #499 “X-Men Divided, Part Four”
Uncanny X-Men #201 “Duel”
Uncanny X-Men #377 “The End of the World as We Know It”
Uncanny X-Men #137: The Fate of the Phoenix!
X-Men #2: No One Can Stop The Vanisher!
Uncanny X-Men #142: Mind Out Of Time!
Uncanny X-Men #492: Messiah Complex
Uncanny X-Men #387: Cry Justice, Cry Vengeance
X-Men #27: Re-enter: The Mimic!
Uncanny X-Men #404: Army Ants
Uncanny X-Men #324: Deadly Messengers
Uncanny X-Men #367: Disturbing Behavior
Uncanny X-Men #416: Living In A Mansion
Uncanny X-Men #297: Song’s End
Uncanny X-Men #209: Salvation
Uncanny X-Men #66: Mutants And The Monster
Uncanny X-Men #177: Sanction

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