The Manhattan Projects

During the Second World War, a unique coalition of Allied Forces brought some of the finest minds in Western science to America for a grand research and development project which ultimately yielded several results. Some of them were terrible, some were breathtaking – some were both at the same time. The most famous achievement of this Manhattan Project was the splitting of the atom, which led to the Atomic Bomb.

Because whilst the Manhattan Project was a scientific project: it was one undertaken purely for the advancement of militaristic interests. One of the scientists involved, Albert Einstein, later said that signing to the project was the greatest mistake he ever made in his life. For all the startling work done across over 30 sites throughout America, the result was simple. America exploded two nuclear weapons over Japan which murdered over 200,000 people.

The Manhattan Project was also the starting point for a comic series from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Nick Pitarra, which took the reality of the real-world project and spun it into an alt-reality conceit wherein the atomic bomb was simply the beginning of the aspirations for this formidable group of scientific minds. In The Manhattan Projects, America assembles a team of mad scientists to do some mad science, and the results? Beyond belief.

Issue 01: Infinite Oppenheimers

Issue 02: Rocket Man

Issue 03: The Bomb