One Issue At A Time

Season One

Shelfdust Presents is the official Shelfdust podcast! Hosted by Matt Lune, through 2020 the show will be counting down The Top Fifty First Comic Book Issues List, as chosen by comic critics. Each episode will see Matt sitting down with a different comic critic each episode to look at every comic which charted into the top fifty, one issue at a time. That means he’ll be starting with Thunderbolts #1, which reached #50 in the chart, and from there make his way across to the eventual winner of the list – Saga #1.

Below you can keep track of the podcast as it rolls on each week through the year, and catch up with any episodes you might have missed!

Episode 1: The Top Fifty First Issues List with Steve Morris
Episode 2: Thunderbolts #1 with Al Kennedy
Episode 3: Sailor Moon #1 with Kayleigh Hearn
Episode 4: The Dark Knight Returns #1 with Kyle Pinion
Episode 5: Suicide Squad #1 with Chase Magnett
Episode 6: Daytripper #1 with Alex Lu
Episode 7: Secret Wars #1 with Zachary Jenkins
Episode 8: The Question #1 with David Brothers
Episode 9: We3 #1 with Chloe Maveal
Episode 10: Damage Control #1 with Al Kennedy
Episode 11: Akira #1 with Rosie Knight
Episode 12: The Invisibles #1 with august (in the wake of) dawn
Episode 13: Monstress #1 with Samantha Puc
Episode 14: Copra #1 with Chase Magnett
Episode 15: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 with Sara Century
Episode 16: Bitch Planet #1 with Tiffany Babb
Episode 17: Planetary #1 with Heidi MacDonald
Episode 18: JLA #1 with Graeme McMillan
Episode 19: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 with Sara Century
Episode 20: Love & Rockets #1 with Osvaldo Oyola
Episode 21: Crowded #1 with Alex Lu
Episode 22: Astro City #1 with J. A. Micheline
Episode 23: Ex Machina #1 with Heidi MacDonald
Episode 24: The Immortal Hulk #1 with Colin Bell
Episode 25: House of X #1 with Steve Foxe
Episode 26: Daredevil #1 with Steve Lacey
Episode 27: The Vision #1 with Tiffany Babb
Episode 28: Paper Girls #1 with Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Episode 29: Gotham Central #1 with Osvaldo Oyola
Episode 30: Batman & Robin #1 with Nola Pfau
Episode 31: Justice League #1 with Chloe Maveal
Episode 32: Mister Miracle #1 with Christian Hoffer
Episode 33: Runaways #1 with Adrienne Resha
Episode 34: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 with Christian Hoffer
Episode 35: New Gods #1 with Paul Lai
Episode 36: The Walking Dead #1 with Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Episode 37: Y: The Last Man #1 with C.P. Hoffman
Episode 38: Fantastic Four #1 with J.A. Micheline
Episode 39: Giant Days #1 with Claire Napier
Episode 40: OMAC #1 with Graeme McMillan
Episode 41: Sandman #1 with Kayleigh Hearn
Episode 42: Giant-Size X-Men #1 with Rosie Knight
Episode 43: Sex Criminals #1 with Samantha Puc
Episode 44: X-Men #1 with Claire Napier
Episode 45: All-Star Superman #1 with august (in the wake of) dawn
Episode 46: Ms Marvel #1 with Adrienne Resha
Episode 47: The Wicked + The Divine with Steve Foxe
Episode 48: Hawkeye #1 with Zachary Jenkins
Episode 49: Watchmen #1 with Kelly Kanayama
Episode 50: Saga #1 with Oliver Sava
Episode 51: The Season One Finale with Steve Morris

Matt Lune is a critic and podcaster best known for hosting “That’s The Issue” on Multiversity. You can find him on Twitter here!.

This podcast is made possible thanks to the Shelfdust Patreon page! To find out more, head to our Patreon page here!

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