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Seven Soldiers of Victory

Written by Grant Morrison with artists J. H. Williams III, Simone Bianchi, Cameron Stewart, Ryan Sook, Frazer Irving, Pascal Ferry, Freddie Williams II, Yanick Paquette and Doug Mahnke, Seven Soldiers of Victory was a thirty-part story. It was split into an opening issue and concluding issue, and the remaining 28 issues were made up of seven four-part storylines, each focusing on a different “soldier” who made up the team.

As we’re just as bonkers as DC’s editorial were when they first commissioned the project, we invited seven “critics of victory” to each take on one of the four-part miniseries, alongside a secret extra critic who wrote about the opening issue. Seven Critics of Victory! With, uh, eight critics involved in total. Read along below!

Seven Critics of Victory
Seven Soldiers of Victory #0 “Weird Adventures”
by Chloe Maveal

Shining Knight #1 “The Last of Camelot”
Shining Knight #2 “Mood 7 Mind Destroyer”
Shining Knight #3 “The Perfect Knight Returns”
Shining Knight #4 “The Last Stand of Don Vincenzo”
by Emma Houxbois

Manhattan Guardian #1 “Pirates of Manhattan”
Manhattan Guardian #2 “Homeless Superior”
Manhattan Guardian #3 “Siege at Century Hollow”
Manhattan Guardian #4 “Sex Secrets of the Newsboy Army!”
by Alex Lu

Zatanna #1 “Talking Backwards”
Zatanna #2 “A Book in the Beginning”
Zatanna #3 “Three Days of the Dead”
Zatanna #4 “Zor!”
by Andrea Ayres

Klarion #1 “From This World To That Which Is To Come”
Klarion #2 “Badde”
Klarion #3 “The Deviant Ones”
Klarion #4 “Burn, Witchboy! Burn!”
by Steve Foxe

Mister Miracle #1 “New Godz”
Mister Miracle #2 “Drive by Derby”
Mister Miracle #3 “Radio Bedlam”
Mister Miracle #4 “Forever Flavored Man”
by Sara Century

Bulleteer #1 “Ballistic: How The Bulleteer Began”
Bulleteer #2 “Who Killed Seven Soldiers?”
Bulleteer #3 “21st Century Schizoid Supermen”
Bulleteer #4 “Bad Girls”
by Graeme McMillan

Frankenstein #1 “Uglyhead”
Frankenstein #2 “Red Zombies”
Frankenstein #3 “The Water”
Frankenstein #4 “Frankenstein in Fairyland”
by David Brothers

Seven Soldiers of Victory #1 “The Miser’s Coat”
by Chloe Maveal, Emma Houxbois, Alex Lu, Andrea Ayres, Steve Foxe, Sara Century, Graeme McMillan and David Brothers

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