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Secret Invasion!

Embrace change! Shelfdust has been invaded! Shelfdust are looking back at Marvel’s 2008 event storyline “Secret Invasion” and how the eight-part crossover series changed Marvel. It’s a “SeCritic Invasion!” taking over comics criticism this Summer! But… are we working alone? Is Shelfdust the only place the Skrulls have taken over? Who do you trust…?

In fact our SeCritic Invasion didn’t just take place on Shelfdust – a number of other websites and podcasts were also invaded by skrulls, and taken over! Here’s a full list of everything the skrulls have published so far…

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #1 by Samantha Puc

Shelfdust Presents: Mighty Avengers #18 with Kelly Richards

Comics Bookcase Classic Comic of the Week: Captain Britain & MI-13

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #2 by Tim Maytom

Shelfdust Presents: Guardians of the Galaxy #5 with Matt Sibley

Battle of the Atom! Secret Invasion

Gatecrashers: Secret Invasion

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #3 by Jay Rincher

Shelfdust Presents: Punisher War Journal #25 with Kelly Kanayama

Spacetime Junction: Deadpool’s Secret Invasion

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #4 by Zoe Tunnell

The Beat: Silber Linings – Greg Vs Mighty Avengers #16

Shelfdust Presents: Avengers The Initiative #15 with Tim Maytom

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #5 by Caitlin Rosberg

Shelfdust Presents: What If? Secret Invasion with Kirsten Howard

House to Astonish: Secret Invasion

Comic Book Yeti: Thor’s Secret Invasion

Comic Book Yeti: Spider-Man’s Secret Invasion

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #6 by Ritesh Babu

Shelfdust Presents: Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden with Alex Spencer

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #7 by Tom Shapira

Shelfdust Presents: New Avengers #39 with S.E. Fleenor

Wait, What? Baxter Building: Secret Invasion – Fantastic Four

Bitches on Comics: Deadpool’s Secret Invasion

WMQ&A: Secret Invasion

Shelfdust: Secret Invasion #8 by Kelly Kanayama

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