One Issue At A Time

Season Two

Shelfdust Presents is the official podcast of Shelfdust, hosted by Matt Lune! Each week we invite a special guest to bring in any comic they want to talk about – and then, well, we talk about it! Our first season ranked the top fifty debut issues of all time, but for season two… anything goes! Our guests can pick any single issue they might like – and boy oh boy, have they ever…

Below you can keep track of the podcast as it rolls on each week through the year, and catch up with any episodes you might have missed!

Episode 1: Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger #2 with Mairghread Scott
Episode 2: Legends of the Dark Knight #17 with Ardo Omer
Episode 3: Sobek with Caitlin Rosberg
Episode 4: Black Orchid #1 with Ram V
Episode 5: Batgirl #14 with Stephanie Cooke
Episode 6: Kabuki Reflections #1 with Wendy Browne
Episode 7: Uncanny X-Men #440 with Megan Purdy
Episode 8: Suicide Squad Vol 1 #8 with Elana Levin
Episode 9: X-Factor #5 with Jay Rincher
Episode 10: Velvet #1 with Cara Ellison
Episode 11: Pokemon Adventures Vol 1 with Hamish Steele
Episode 12: Restaurant to Another World Vol 1 with Ro Stein

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