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Infinite Crisis

Shelfdust are proud to introduce this new series, which in only seven parts will comprehensively and encyclopedic… ally explain absolutely every single thing about Infinite Crisis, a series which we have no prior knowledge of. By engaging with the text surely and methodically, this guide will make sure there’s not a single thing in the comic which could possibly be considered to be confusing, difficult, or obtuse.

We do not expect this to be a long or complicated subject, and it certainly shouldn’t result in a long, drawn out, and confusing series of Q&As with wonderful and gifted experts in the field.

The Infinite Infinite Crisis
The Complete Guide to Infinite Crisis by Steve Morris
What Happened on the Moon, august (in the wake of) dawn?
Where is Martian Manhunter, Steve Orlando?
How does JLA: Year One Fit In, Clark Burscough?
Who is Diana Prince, Kayleigh Hearn?
Batman has a Secret Spy Satellite, Caitlin Rosberg?
What do you mean, “Multiverse”, Ritesh Babu?
There’s an Anti-Matter Universe, Terrence Sage?
Who hacked Brother Eye, Graeme McMillan?
What is Countdown to Final Crisis, Tom Speelman?
Wait, so what is Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Steve Lacey?
“Formerly” Known as the Justice League, Scott Cederlund?
What Happened on Blackest Night, Ron Cacace?
What’s the Deal with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Scott Cederlund?
What happened to Blue Beetle, Steve Lacey?
Why did Wonder Woman kill Maxwell Lord, Emma Houxbois?
Batman Shot Somebody, Sean Dillon?
Who are the New Gods and what happened to the Old Gods, Rhi Daneel Olivaw?
Who is Mandrakk, the Dark Monitor, Kyle Pinion?
Should Wonder Woman have killed Maxwell Lord, Emma Houxbois?
Can You Compare Wonder Woman to Jack Bauer, David Brothers?
There’s More than One Maxwell Lord, Graeme McMillan?
Who or What is OMAC, Elana Levin?
Why Do People Hate Batman, Graeme McMillan?
What Was “Crisis of Conscience”, Andrea Ayres?
What’s the Deal with Superboy, Jay Rincher?
Why Are There All These Demons Everywhere, Kat Overland?
Who or What is Brother Blood, Justin Partridge?
Lex Luthor is the President, Tim Maytom?
Whatever Next – Imperiex?! Please explain Cori McCreery?
How Did Lois Lane Take Down President Luthor, Corinna Lawson?
Please Explain Manchester Black, Luke Herr?
Who Happened Into No Man’s Land, Rosie Knight?
Who Is This “Huntress” I Hear So Much About, Diane Darcy?
How Did Oracle Save The Day, Darci Meadows?
What Happened With Poison Ivy in No Man’s Land, Sara Century?
How Do Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Know Each Other, S.E. Fleenor?
Why is Jim Gordon so Sad, Kelly Kanayama?
What’s Frasier’s Secret Origin, Matt Sibley?
How is Frasier’s Sex Life, Trungles?
What Were Frasier’s Best Looks, Brett White?
What is the Dark Secret of Martin Crane, Zoe Tunnell?
Who is the Second Crane Brother, Jules Scheele?
Explain The Life And Times of Roz Doyle, DW?
Is Eddie a Good Boy, James Leech?
Who’s the Psychic English Lady, Veronica James?
Let’s Talk About Sideshow Bob, Katie Schenkel
Who is Matt Groening, Heidi MacDonald?
Bruce Wayne’s a Murderer, Gregory Paul Silber?
Who is the Boy With The Booty, Grace Kaluba?
What’s The Goss on DickFire, Stephanie Williams?
Who is Donna Troy, Osvaldo Oyola?
Who is Terry Long, Nola Pfau?
What Happened During the OMAC Project, Chad Nevett?
Did Anybody Mourn Ratcatcher, Zachary Jenkins?
What Were the Financial Implications of Mindboggler’s Death, Christian Hoffer?
What’re Those Crazy Thanagar Kids Up To, Tegan O’Neil?
These Rannians are Out Of Control, Matt Terl!
Tell Us About Mongo, David Gallaher?
Let’s Take A Look Back At Timothy Dalton’s Career, Kelly Richards
Is Flash Gordon The Ultimate Himbo, Allison Senecal?
George of the Jungle is a Great Movie, Ardo Omer?
Is Phil Jimenez the Greatest of All Time, Rowan Grover?
Kyle Rayner – The Best Green Lantern, Dave Shevlin?
What’s a Green Lantern Corps, Rachel S?
What’s the F.Y.I. on the L.E.G.I.O.N., Adam P. Knave?
What’s Guy Gardner’s Problem, Chloe Maveal?
Is Hal Jordan Misunderstood, Tony Highwind?
Who Are Those Lil’ Blue Chaps, Shaun Manning?
Who is Jessica Cruz, the Newest Green Lantern in Town, Daniel Adkins?
Who Are You and What Do You Know About John Stewart, “Kensington Chubb”?
Please Tell Us Everything About Simon Baz, Adrienne Resha!
Hey Claire Napier, Ol’ Pal, Who is Salaak?
Steve, It’s Al Kennedy, We’re All Worried About You
Oh No What Have I Done

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