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Giant Days

Giant Days was a brilliant, weird, funny comic about three girls living together at Sheffield University in the UK. Created by John Allison and drawn by talents including Max Sarin, Lissa Treiman and Whitney Cogar, the series amassed a rightfully devoted fanbase across over fifty issues.

Shelfdust have been providing “annotations” for each issue – from the very first day Esther, Daisy and Susan stepped onto University Campus and so far covering their first two years of academia. You can find the full list of every issue we’ve covered so far below, featuring guest annotators El Anderson, Clark Burscough, Claire Napier, Kieron Gillen and more!


First Year (John Allison’s Self-Published Comics)

Giant Days (Year One) #1
Giant Days (Year One) #2
Giant Days (Year One) #3
by Claire Napier

First Year (Boom Series)

Giant Days #1: Fresher’s Week
by Steve Morris with El Anderson and Clark Burscough
Giant Days #2: Fresher’s Flu
Giant Days #3: Bantserve
Giant Days #4: Daisy’s Birthday
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #5: Christmas Ball
by Clark Burscough
Giant Days #6: Northampton
Giant Days #7: First Year Exams
Giant Days #8: Friday Night Lights
Giant Days #9: Ed Vs The Student President
Giant Days #10: Big Lindsay
Giant Days #11: Election Day
Giant Days #12: Camping Trip
by Steve Morris with Clark Burscough
Giant Days #13: Esther Goes Home
Giant Days #14: House Hunting
Giant Days #15: Sheffield Film Festival
Giant Days #16: Susan’s Day of Dates
Giant Days #17: The Archaeology Dig
by Claire Napier
Giant Days #18: End of First Year
by Claire Napier and Kieron Gillen

Second Year

Giant Days #19 “Summer Musical Festival”
The Giant Days 2016 Holiday Special by Tim Maytom
“How The Fishman Despoiled Christmas” by Tim Maytom
Giant Days #20 “IKEA”
Giant Days #21 “The Break In”
Giant Days #22 “Ingrid”
Giant Days #23 “A Dinner Party”
Giant Days #24 “Big Geoff”
Giant Days #25 “Susan’s Christmas Miracle”
Giant Days #26: Dean’s Wedding
Giant Days #27 “Protest!”
Giant Days #28 “Secrets of the Garage”
Giant Days #29 “Ed’s Date”
Giant Days #30 “Yoko”
by Steve Morris
The Giant Days 2017 Holiday Special by Ned Barnett
Giant Days #31 “A Peace Treaty”
Giant Days #32 “House Problems”
by Steve Morris
Giant Days #33 “Crying in Top Shop” by Kelly Richards
Giant Days #34 “Ed’s Confession” by Clark Burscough
Giant Days #35 “Lottie Grote” by Kelly Richards
Giant Days #36 “End of Second Year” by Tom Shapira

Third Year
Giant Days #37 “Daisy Comes Out”
– Giant Days #38 “Daisy the Mentor”
– Giant Days #39 “The Job Fair”
– Giant Days #40 “Ed Returns”
Giant Days #41 “The Costume Ball”
Giant Days #42 “Esther’s Crush”
Giant Days #43 “The Christmas Fair”
– Giant Days #44 “Valentine’s Day”
by Kelly Richards
– Giant Days: Where Women Glow and Men Plunder
by Ryan K. Lindsay
– Giant Days #45 “Nina’s Problem” by Kelly Richards
– Giant Days #46 “The Comic Shop Mystery” by Amy Garvey-Eckett
– Giant Days #47 “Daisy’s Driving Test” by Edward Haynes
– Giant Days #48 “Brother-In-Law McGraw” by Matt Sibley
– Giant Days #49 “Esther Goes Home (Again)” by Kelly Richards
– Giant Days #50 “Cricket” by Steve Morris
– Giant Days #51 “McGraw Mourns” by Michael Eckett
Giant Days #52 “Job Hunting in London” by Ned Barnett
Giant Days #53 “The End of Third Year” by Matt Lune
Giant Days #54 “Graduation” by Kelly Richards

Giant Days: As Time Goes By with Clark Burscough, Amy Garvey-Eckett, Michael Garvey, Tim Maytom, Steve Morris, Claire Napier, Kelly Richards, Tom Shapira and Matt Sibley

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