One Issue At A Time


Most Garfield comics are three panels long, not much text in them, barely a spoken word, and usually only a slight amount of movement between those panels. There’a really not much to write about, is there? Well… that’s the challenge! We gave a range of writers a single date, chosen at random, and then asked them (politely!) to write about that day’s Garfield strip. The results were…

…well, check them out below!

Garfield: 23rd November 2002 by Steve Morris
Garfield: 13th October 1978 by Sean Dillon
Garfield: 8th September 1987 by Katie Liggera
Garfield: 9th February 1983 by Dan Grote
Garfield: 11th January 2016 by Caitlin Rosberg
Garfield: 9th February 1992 by Steve Morris
Garfield: 30th June 1991 by Andrea Ayres
Garfield: 16th April 1982 by Steve Morris
Garfield: 23rd November 2018 by Ashley Leckwold
Garfield: 16th June 2017 by Ritesh Babu
Garfield: 29th April 1980 by Corey Smith
Garfield: 5th May 1983 by Rasmus Lykke
Garfield: 21st April 1997 by Charlotte Finn
Garfield: 27th July 1978 by Sean Dillon

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