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Dawn of X

Jonathan Hickman’s reinvention of the X-Men in 2019 started with House of X and Powers of X, two interconnected series which took the mutants away from the rest of the world and into an island haven of Krakoa. The two comics completely revolutionised the franchise across twelve issues, and led into a series of new titles and the launch of a new line of comics for the X-Men moving forward.

Shelfdust have been covering them from a sensible distance – you can find all our posts below!


House of X / Powers of X by Steve Morris
House of X #1: The House That Charles Xavier Built
Powers of X #1: The Last Dream of Professor X
House of X #2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X
Powers of X #2: We Are Together Now, You and I
Powers of X #3: This Is What You Do
House of X #3: Once More Unto the Breach
House of X #4: It Will Be Done
Powers of X #4: Something Sinister
House of X #5: Society
Powers of X #5: For The Children
House of X #6: I Am Not Ashamed
Powers of X #6: House of X


Dawn of X, by Steve Morris
X-Men #1 “Pax Krakoa”
Run, Polaris, Run!
Marauders #1 “I’m On A Boat”
The Long Way Round
Excalibur #1 “The Accolade of Betsy Braddock”
Brexit Braddock
New Mutants #1 “The Sextant”
The Next Generation
X-Force #1 “Hunting Ground”
The Murders Start Here
Marauders #2 “The Red Coronation”
Trust Issues
X-Men #2 “Summoner”
Good Old Fashioned Family Fun
Excalibur #2 “A Tower of Flowers”
Distractions, Distractions…
New Mutants #2 “Space Jail”
Babysitting Duties
X-Force #2 “The Sword of Damocles”
Quentin Quire’s Time to Shine
X-Men #3 “Hoardeculture”
The Secret Power of Emma Frost
Marauders #3 “The Bishop in Black”
Sebastian and Shinobi: Father and Son
Excalibur #3 “Three Covenants”
Ugh, Gambit
New Mutants #3 “To The Grave”
Gotta Collect ‘Em All

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