Chapter Three: Journey Into Mystery #624

The negotiations begin in the third issue of Journey Into Mystery, which places together several sequences of characters discussing their plans and developing strategy, deciding allies. I describe the issue like that – placing sequences together – because the comic is more and more frequently choosing to leave the reader out of the picture, without … More Chapter Three: Journey Into Mystery #624

House of M #8

In the wake of the event, the day has been saved – and by that we mean the Avengers are pretty much fine while the X-Men are about to be in for some huge surprises. Marvel editorial’s finest hour? It’s House of M #8! Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artists: Olivier Coipel, Tim Townsend, Rick Magyar, Scott … More House of M #8

House of M #7

The battle to preserve the House of M is fought – but with dangling plot threads in every direction, which ones will get tied up and which ones are going to get tripped up on? Not to spoil things, but Wanda’s story won’t get concluded until ten years later. It’s House of M #7! Writer: … More House of M #7