One Issue at a Time

Black Comics History

The face of Western comics is changing, but it’s been a long road and a journey that still has many hills to climb. Black characters are taking on more prominent roles in the panels we read, and more Black creators are shaping their stories behind the scenes. But what of the creatives who came before? This column traces the path of Black comics creativity throughout the decades, with each year focusing on a book that features a Black writer, artist, colourist, letterer, or editor. From underground comix through Black Panther and beyond, this series will reveal the evolution of diversity in the comics industry, and shed some light on the unsung Black heroes that have helped to shape it.

1970: Ebon #1 with Larry Fuller
by Wendy Browne
1971: Creepy #43 with Billy Graham
by Wendy Browne
1972: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 with Billy Graham
by Matthew Cowans
1972: Super Soul Comix #1 with Richard “Grass” Green
by Touissaint Egan

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