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Comics should last longer. If you’re like me, you find that once you’ve read your comics you stick them on a shelf, forgotten and gathering dust for years. Here on Shelfdust our goal is to give a reason for people to pick up and re-read the comics they love!

And the ones they tolerate. And the ones they hate. All the comics! On this site we publish anything *but* a comics review, where each piece is focused right in on a single comics issue and what they subjectively and objectively offer today. We have critical essays, wandering annotations, silly recaps… all sorts of different approaches which give you a reason to brush off the shelf dust and read those old comics again! Some of the best writers-about-comics have written for the site, and there’s plenty more planned in future!

Shelfdust is funded wholly by Patreon support. If you’d like to pledge to help us run guest articles and features, please visit As part of your pledge, you’ll also be able to choose issues that will be featured on the site – and if you pledge at the top levels, you can specifically request a particular comic to be featured!

Special thank you to backers Sara Century, Tim Maytom, Tom Shapira, David Brothers, Matt Lune, Zachary Jenkins, The Electric Team, Drew Waranis, Greg Matiasevich and Mike Molcher who all support the site at the $5 or above level. Lasting immortality is their reward!

To get in touch you can email us at, or alternatively find the site on twitter and facebook @shelfdustsite.

Banner and avatar designed by the lovely Katherine Holt, who runs the website and is on twitter @misshwrites

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