Hosted by Matt Lune?

Welcome to Shelfdust Presents, the official podcast of Shelfdust, hosted by Matt Lune! Each week we invite a special guest to bring in any comic they want to talk about – and this week Matt’s guest is writer and editor Kirsten Howard!

For this week’s episode we ordered Kirsten to talk about Secret Invasion, and so today on the show we’re taking a look back at What If: Secret Invasion!

He loves you.

What if the Skrulls won during the Secret Invasion? What if the Secret Invasion stayed secret? Find out here in these two world-changing WHAT IF? stories!

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Kirsten Howard is the News & Features editor for Den of Geek. You can find their byline on the website here, or follow them on Twitter right here!


Ardo Omer is a writer, editor and podcaster whose work has been seen at sites including WomenWriteAboutComics and The MNT. She’s co-host of the “Put A Blurb On It” podcast, and the Kids Co-Ordinator for FOLD. You can find her on Twitter here! 


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