You’re reading The Complete Infinite Crisis, a Comprehensive and Encyclopedic look through the universe-changing superhero event published by DC from 2005 to 2006. Shelfdust are proud to provide a complete overview of the story, and everything that happens in it. We’ve had to get some experts in though – there’s so much going on that needs to be explained!

At the moment we’re off out in space, with all kinds of new characters appearing! Let’s focus for now on one of the most omnipresent forces in the universe, though: Rachel S, what’s the deal with the Green Lantern Corps?


Rachel! In Infinite Crisis they say “the Green Lantern Corps are responsible for the protection of the universe… free of charge”. Who appointed them to that role – and more to the point, who runs the Corps?

Rachel S: The Guardians of the Universe, small blue alien men with white hair, self appointed themselves responsible for protecting the universe after causing a disaster on a cosmic scale.

How does the rest of the DC Universe feel about the GLC being around? Are they seen as protectors of the galaxy – or as a pest imposing their authority where it was never requested?

Rachel S: Their reputations in different sectors depend on their level of interference, including the activation of the killer cop Manhunter robots and the deaths caused by Hal Jordan, a Lantern of no small repute. There was a Green Lantern named Jack T. Chance who was regarded as protecting the worst, most criminal sector of the galaxy…after it killed all of his predecessors in the role. He was an alien Green Lantern written by John Ostrander – basically a space western sheriff

Wait a second! I just had another thought about that quote: who actually funds the Green Lanterns, if they work free of charge??

Rachel S: Lanterns often have to have an additional paying job in whatever sector they serve… if their home sector is capitalist.


Thank you Rachel! A nice, sharp explanation of the Green Lantern Corp and what they do. This does, unsurprisingly, raise more questions for me, though…


Rachel is best known for her writing over at WWAC. You can find her byline here!