You’re reading The Complete Infinite Crisis, a Comprehensive and Encyclopedic look through the universe-changing superhero event published by DC from 2005 to 2006. Shelfdust are proud to provide a complete overview of the story, and everything that happens in it. We’ve had to get some experts in though – there’s so much going on that needs to be explained!

Oh baby we’ve heard the blues a-calling, and as part of our comic book investigation we’re now looking deeply into the life and times of Frasier Crane. We’ve heard all about his love life – but key to that must be his wardrobe. Is he a sartorial sorcerer, or a letdown in the locker-room? We’ve brought in the most fashionable person we know to answer all! Brett White, come on down!!


As a man about town and raconteur, Frasier’s clothing is very important to him. How would you describe his style?

Brett White: Frasier’s style varies greatly from “Cheers” to his own sitcom, due to the shift in location and (more tellingly) the change in decades. On “Cheers,” he’s quintessential New England Ivy League, with lots of tweed and corduroy and sweaters. He even boldly sports a very professorial beard for a while (bearded Frasier is the best Frasier). But I still see him as more of an every man on “Cheers,” because of the Boston setting and his bar buddies. It’s more of a muted Frasier, a dressed-down, chill Frasier (even though he is still uptight compared to Sam and Woody).

But on “Frasier,” he’s full socialite, new money, an intellectual. Those oversized suits, and shirts and ties, surely all European designers. There’s also a shift in palette, from the warm, autumnal shades of his “Cheers” wardrobe to the colder, grayer vibes of his Seattle closet. I’m not yet at the point where I’m nostalgic for mid-’90s drab just yet, but everything comes back.

What were his best looks, in your opinion? What looked best on him?

White: Frasier looked his best on “Cheers,” unquestionably. He looked timeless! He was an Ivy Style icon, with sharply tailored suits and vests and cardigans and corduroy. What a legend. And unlike his ’90s clothes (especially the steely stuff that sophisticated men were wearing in the late ’90s and early ’00s), “Cheers” Frasier still looks contemporary. It’s timeless in every sense of the word. And again, the beard. We want the beard.

BUT! Was there anyone else in his life who was a BETTER dresser than he was??

White: Sam Malone is no slouch when it comes to style, but on “Frasier” (the show), I actually have to give it up to Marty Crane. You can actually see where Frasier got some of the sartorial sense he showcased in Boston by looking at what Marty wears on “Frasier.” Those plaids and flannels, the corduroy trousers, his braided belts—he definitely had a very narrow lane, a uniform for lounging in his recliner, but it 100% worked for him and you gotta admire his secure sense of self.


Marty Crane, eh? Intriguing… so there’s more than one of them. Something worth exploring next week! Thanks Brett – your keen eye is appreciated, as always!


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