You’re reading The Complete Infinite Crisis, a Comprehensive and Encyclopedic look through the universe-changing superhero event published by DC from 2005 to 2006. Shelfdust are proud to provide a complete overview of the story, and everything that happens in it. Just as we were really starting to explore the story, however, we’ve had to ask for a bit of help about the first issue from an expert in the area.

We’ve made it to page three, and the Teen Titans are here! But it looks like they’re already in the middle of some kind of massive battle? When did that start? To get answers, we’ve turned to Kat Overland, who will surely be able to explain exactly what they’re up to!

There’s a panel here on page three which says the Teen Titans are fighting some “creatures”. What are the creatures they’re fighting, and why are they already fighting something??

Kat Overland: The Teen Titans are fighting some demons, dispatched from hell by Brother Blood – which he sent to the city in his second appearance during Geoff Johns’ run (no, not that Teen Titans Brother Blood, and not the Outsiders Brother Blood, but Teen Brother Blood, Sebastian Blood IX).

Right. Who are actually the members of the team at this point? 

Overland: Cyborg is leading the team, with Beast Boy as his second (Starfire took the advice of a future-Terra to go be with Nightwing, so she’s moonlighting with the Outsiders). The actual high schoolers are Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Speedy (Mia Deardan), and Kid Flash (Bart Allen). Superboy (Connor Kent) “benched himself” after his father (or at least DNA donor) Lex Luthor activated his kill switch, causing him to flip out and attack his friends, so as you can see, he’s chilling in Smallville.

Um, also…. the sky is red??

Overland: The sky is red because of the aforementioned Brother Blood — because nothing suggests the on-coming unholy end of the world like a blood red sky. This Brother Blood has some dangerous mother issues and has somehow ensorceled deceased Titan Omen (Lilith Clay) into teleporting them and Raven to Los Angeles, which was very explosive and dramatic.


Thanks Kat! Excellent use of ensorceled, too. I’ve got an idea what the Teen Titans are up to and why they’re fighting demons – seems like it’d be worth getting more information on this whole Brother Blood business, though! Let’s rope in another expert and come back later to hear what they think!


Kat Overland “The Conqueror” as we call her, is an editor and critic now hailing from Washington DC. She’s the small-press editor for WomenWriteAboutComics – to find more from her, you can follow her on Twitter here!