You’re reading The Complete Infinite Crisis, a Comprehensive and Encyclopedic look through the universe-changing superhero event published by DC from 2005 to 2006. Shelfdust are proud to provide a complete overview of the story, and everything that happens in it. The overview was going great until we got a bit confused about some of the things which were going on – so we’ve had to call in some experts to help out.

Last time round, we found out that there’s an “Antimatter” Universe out there. How does that even exist? Wouldn’t it… explode through its own non-existence? We’ve had to turn to the only expert worth trusting about this sort of thing – Terrence Sage himself! Terrence, please help us out and explain what the Anti-Matter Universe is!


What is the Anti-Matter Universe, and who the flip lives there?

Terrence Sage: Alright well, the Anti-Matter is all about opposites. The same way The Flash is positive and Reverse Flash is negative. Our universe is positively charged and due to Krona, the Rogue Guardian… Qward is the dimensional center of the Anti-Matter Universe, where things are evil and terrible. Cosmic tampering due to Krona’s quest for knowledge created it and you’ll probably know the aptly named Anti-Monitor as a mainstay of the Anti-Matter Universe. 

Anti-Monitor created the beings known as Thunders and Shadow Demons. Qward is the center of the Anti-Monitor but it is mentioned that the Anti-Matter Universe does have life in abundance on its various planets.  

Who is Sinestro, then? He must be a big deal to be living in the Anti-Matter Universe, I guess?

Sage: Thaal Sinestro of Korugar is one of the most loved and hated Lanterns, a once upon a time Green Lantern turned Fear loving Bad Guy/Anti-Hero… he’s very complicated. He was one of the more well regarded Green Lanterns and taught Hal Jordan once he was inducted. Sinestro had a bit of a mean streak with how he used his willpower as a Corpsmen. Even to his own people, fellow Korugarians, Sinestro’s “protection” instilled fear and terror into what should have been peaceful and cooperative help. Sinestro’s personality would have an opportunity to be let loose when he’s banished to Qward. 

As a technical negative Sector, Sinestro in the Anti-Matter Universe alongside the Weaponers and other inhabitants created the Yellow Lanterns aka the Sinestro Corps! Speaking even more so of the polar opposite nature of the Anti-Matter Universe. With the formation of the entire Corps based around fear and the color yellow being a hindrance to the Green Lanterns…the rise of the Sinestro Corps was born. It was complete science fiction, ring slinging fun!

I’ve heard of Green Lanterns – but what’s a YELLOW Lantern all about?!

Sage: The Yellow Lanterns aka the Sinestro Corps are Fear Mongerers of the highest order. Where the Green deal with Willpower, the Yellow deal with instilling Fear. Sinestro created them during his time in isolation on Qward and with the help of Weaponers of the Anti-Matter dimension, he sought revenge on the Guardians using a weapon that counteracted the Green Lantern rings.


Thanks so much, Terrence! This has answered a lot… and yet brought up so many more questions! Oh boy, we’re going to have to ask somebody else to help us out with some of this stuff!!


Terrence Sage is a writer and critic who has had work published for sites including Comicosity and Pop Culture Reviews. For more from Terrence, you can follow him on Twitter here!