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When we last left off, we’d just found out that Martian Manhunter had apparently gone missing during the JLA’s Watchtower explosion. Where is he? Is he dead? How does this work? To get a full explanation, Shelfdust turned to Martian Manhunter expert Steve Orlando for answers. Who better to explain J’onn J’onzz than the writer of his most recent, epic twelve part story?

Steve! I’m confused! It looks like J’onn has been killed in the Watchtower explosion? Is that even possible – I thought he could only be killed by fire?

Steve Orlando: It does seem like a misdirect! I’m sure there’s some fire in there somewhere. That said, I wouldn’t worry about him too much. Justice Leaguers have a long tradition of surviving Watchtower explosions – I still remember my first, when Zauriel blew up in the Watchtower only to return with an army from Heaven at his back.

Does J’onn… live in the Watchtower by himself? How come there was nobody else in there with him? Doesn’t he live with anybody?

Orlando: I’m sure they’ve all got private quarters on the Watchtower, but J’onn’s at this time been making it his main home. Denver or Midleton must not have had the same appeal as space? Joking aside, I think this follows the tradition of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED and the DCAU of J’onn truly make the Justice League his adopted family, and thus then the Watchtower is his main, adopted home.

Batman says somebody teleported out just before the explosion. Do you think that means Martian Manhunter might be the culprit? Has he ever been suspicious or villainous like this before?

Orlando: I’d say him hiding his motives is supported by his past depictions for sure – he disappears without warning many times in the 1997 JLA, often aloof until the time is right. In JLA: YEAR ONE, he secretly monitors and compiles data on all the other founding Justice Leaguers. He’s known in times of crisis to retreat into secrecy a bit, only to appear when the time is right to deal a deft, decisive blow against the enemy.


Thank you Steve for explaining! But wait, this raises a bunch of new questions. What the heck is JLA: Year One, and how does that tie into all of this? We’re going to have to talk to another expert about this next week!!

Steve Orlando is an award-winning comic book writer and Instagram thirst trap who wrote the brilliant recent Martian Manhunter series over at DC Comics. You can find him on Twitter here!