Blackfire’s plan has come to fruition despite seeming all logic suggesting it was weird and shouldn’t have been a thing, bringing down Arkham Asylum on Corrigan and Batwing. Will Batman get to them in time and save them both? Well, no, because he’s a bit busy with a jumbo jet. But hey, Spectre finally decided to show up! It’s Batman Eternal #30!

Writer: Ray Fawkes
Consulting Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins and Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Pasarin
Inker: Matt Ryan
Colorist: Blond

Letterer: Steve Wands


Farore’s Wind bursts out of Arkham Asylum and up into the sky, creating a logical save point for Blackfire should he need it later. Having hijacked a helicopter, Batman flies towards the massive green explosion – spotting that just at that exact moment a plane was flying overhead, so needs to be rescued off-panel. He rallies Julia and gets her to save them all using the Batplane, which he probably should’ve used earlier rather than spend all that time stealing a police helicopter. Don’t question his methods though!

Inside the Asylum, Blackfire is victorious, with Batwing and Corrigan both knocked out in the rubble. Joker’s Daughter watches it all from a handy cave she’s been hiding in, but gets interrupted by a mysterious figure who puts a finger to their lips and presumably whisks her away somewhere. Perhaps it’s editorial, and they’re carefully escorting her out of the DC Universe? A blogger can dream. As Blackfire girds himself for another flamboyant gothic poetry recital, he is stopped in his tracks by the arrival of… THE SPECTRE. Who gets his own font and everything. The Spectre raises from out of Corrigan’s chest and causes even more devastation inside the collapsed underground.

Spectre rips Blackfire out of Maxie Zeus’ body very easily, before gathering all the fallen souls and crushing them in his fist. Having saved the day, the Spectre then falls back inside Corrigan’s body and has a nap. Erm… why didn’t Corrigan just allow that to happen before? That didn’t seem so bad – it was pretty convenient, really. Batwing and Corrigan get up and start trying to find a way out, whilst Joker’s Daughter continues to follow her mysterious new ally. There’s a tremor, however, and the Asylum starts to collapse in on itself, separating Batwing and Corrigan from each other.

With the charter jet saved, Batman turns his attention back to the Asylum just in time to see the whole thing collapse into the ground, crumbling entirely into pieces. That’s especially not good news for Alfred, who is still in a cell underground in the Asylum, and is trapped in his strait jacket as the walls start collapsing around him. Still effected by fear gas, he doesn’t know if this is real or not – next door, though, Bane definitely knows that it’s real, and he starts pounding away at the door to try and get out.

Batman watches from the surface as the whole thing sinks into the ground and leaves a giant hole, like at the end of Buffy when the Hellmouth disintegrated, um, spoilers. He leaps straight into the hole to see if he can rescue anyone, but there are pages and pages of rubble and destruction and damage here. Nobody famous appears to be read, but the owner of a red ford fiesta may want to check their insurance claim later.

Batwing is still alive, just, but his suit has completely failed and he’s alone in the wreckage. As his vision vanishes and the lights go out, he recites the Lord’s Prayer, which is a lovely moment within the issue.

Batman tries to get out, but the police are on the scene and they fire at him, so he has to jump back down into the hole. He wanders around in the damage just in time to see Joker’s Daughter stood in front of him, with a bomb vest strapped round her chest for god knows what reason. She lunges with a crowbar which is easily deflected, so she turns to her bomb vest…

Oh, and that’s the last page, actually? That came about quickly. I can see why Bendis decided to put so much rubble in Age of Ultron now – it really helps speed that page count along. See you next week for when Batman easily defeats Joker’s Daughter!


22 issues to go!


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