By Steve Morris

Looks like we’re finally getting to find out what happened to The Watcher, as we start in happier times, back on the Moon, before any of this strangely inconsequential-feeling story started. Dr Midas, Exterminatrix, Orb (wearing a cute helmet in space) and the Mindless ones arrive, ready to sneak into the Watcher’s house. The Orb’s grand plan is… to ask nicely if he can come in, please, which I guess is as good a plan as any he could’ve thought up. The doors open, anyway, so he must’ve done something right.

Once inside, Exterminatrix still thinks this is an infiltration – you literally just knocked on the front door, how do you think you got in – but they walk straight into Uatu’s sights. “I see you” he says, before Midas decides to go to plan B and murder him instead. I can’t believe Orb has been able to bluff his way through this entire story despite having no plan, no insight, and no clue about what he’s doing.

On the Moon, Hulk and Luke Cage aren’t faring too well in their battle, as Luke appears to be sort-of dead really. Nick Fury is stood on a lone asteroid chunk, holding his own against the assorted Avengers charging at him. Grossly, the two eyeballs seem to be floating through space by themselves. I’m not going to miss the glistening way that Deodato Jr draws those things. Tony Stark taunts Fury, who says “you miss a lot of things” before shooting him point-blank. I guess that Fury’s reason why he didn’t pick Tony as his replacement?

Falcon, Black Widow and Wolverine are also pretty annoyed with Fury, who says he doesn’t have time to explain why he lied to them all. So that just leaves Cap, who demands what everyone else demands – but gets the same answer that everyone else does, in the form of a punch in the face. I’m not sure what Nick Fury’s plan is at this point or why he can’t work with the Avengers, but at any rate Cap calls in Thor to beat up his former buddy. That’s one way to get the job done.

The secret Avengers, as I’m calling them for these remaining issues, are still trying to get through that door. For reasons unknown. Black Panther and Winter Soldier bicker amongst themselves, Punisher and Gamora stomp off, Moon Knight seems to side with Fury whilst Ant Man sides with the Avengers. Emma has gone missing, perhaps to go pee/talk to Cassandra Nova for a bit. Strange says their mission should be to take out Fury, which a returning Orb agrees to.

Orb is now gleaming with purple energy round his eye, presumably as part of his evolution. One thing you’ll note in most of Jason Aaron’s comics is that faith always helps get the job done whilst science and evolution both only turn people evil. Orb unleashes purple energy on all the Secret Avengers, presumably taking them out – and then we get a flashback revealing that Uatu had the same purple power signature. As Uatu takes out Midas and Exterminatrix makes her escape with half the armoury, Orb wanders over and stares at Uatu. Which, I guess, is all Orb can actually do in any situation.

He advances on Uatu and shoots him in the head – so it was him! Orb was the one to kill Uatu! Out of eye based jealousy I guess.

In the present day, Spider-Man now has the eyeballs, whilst Fury is being beaten to hell and back by Thor. Here’s where the planning of this event seems to be falling apart, because I don’t think it makes sense to have Thor get a life-changing reveal a few issues ago. Finding out he has a sister should take him out the series entirely, but instead it removes him for a few issues, so he can return to fight Fury – and the only reason he fights Fury is because Aaron has something else in mind for him. Two secrets in one series for a side-character and nothing revealed for Cap, the Secret Avengers etc, seems strange to me.

At any rate, Fury whispers something in Thor’s ear which causes him to drop his hammer. We don’t find out what it is (it remained a secret until 2017), but essentially it causes Thor to feel unworthy of his hammer – so he can’t pick it back up again. Fury then commands an override to Iron Man’s suit, knocks out the rest of the Avengers, and starts a monologue that only Cap can hear. It’s a suicide note of sorts, discussing all the secrets he knows and how everything he did truly was for a greater cause. He flies off.

So now we have Midas and Exterminatrix; Nick Fury; and a Hulk-smashingly powerful Orb all reconvening at The Watcher’s former home. We still don’t really know why any of this is happening.

Back in time again, as Nick Fury is first on the scene to see what the Orb did. And amazingly, Uatu is actually still alive, but just missing an eye. Nick Fury can relate to that. So okay, we have’t found out who killed Uatu yet, but… I mean, Fury is the only one left around to do it, so…

We’ll see. Back in the modern day he returns to Uatu’s house, and walks in through the front door. As he does so, we see that a Council of Watchers have gathered outside. Uh-oh! Somebody is in for a severe… eavesdropping, it looks like!

To Be Continued!

Original Sin #7
Written by Jason Aaron
Pencilled by Mike Deodato Jr
Coloured by Frank Martin
Lettered by Chris Eliopoulos


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